Proud to announce…. I am the newest brand ambassador for FITMARK Bags

Enrol in #InvincibleBody Beta Workouts – FREE each week

Fitness Rut? If you are feeling in a fitness rut currently, I’m going to give you an opportunity to change things up and get more inspired. AND If you have been struggling to build lean curves and definition, this is something you will want to try! Ready? Announcing the #InvincibleBody Beta Program! ….designed for those [...]

Surviving Summer Social Gatherings …staying on track

Tis the season of barbecues, weddings, patios, and outdoor events and your first reaction is to RUN….right? LOL 😱 🏃‍♀️ Speaking with my clients the last few weeks, I can’t count how many have asked me “how do I eat clean and stick to a plan” during summer, barbecues, patios, and everything else reopening. Admittingly, [...]

How Sugar affects your Hormones

Did you know …Sugar Causes Hormone imbalances ? Most people who think of consuming sugar, will immediately think of the effect it has on weight gain . However, have you stopped to think about the effect It has on your hormonal health? Sugar causes digestive issues, PMS symptoms , cramps, brain fog, headaches and more [...]

TOP 100 HEALTH LEADERS IN CANADA- THANK YOU - OptiMYz Magazine and all those who nominated and voted for me recognizing the ( TOP 13 FOR NUTRITION COACH) I am completely humbled by this accomplishment and feel blessed that I can have an influence in helping change people lives and work toward their health and [...]


MY BEFORE – BEFORE I GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER This is me when ‘I chose’ to stop eating healthy and exercise. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because I graced several publications that it was all just so easy. Nope! My struggle is ongoing because weight loss has never been easy for me living [...]

My Miracle Supplement I Can’t Live Without and 5 Reasons Why

My Miracle Supplement I Can’t Live Without and 5 Reasons Why I can’t count how many times my clients ask me why they need to take Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). The misconception that its only for men who want big muscles. LOL! I have been using BCAAs for years during/post workout and I would [...]

Does your Face need a Workout?

Hey Gals 35 years plus…. Does your FACE need a workout? – Here’s why it does. “Look at this wrinkle” “Look at how lose my skin is” “ Look at the dark circles under my eyes” Who can relate to this? Our faces are our “calling cards” and the first we see aging. Yes… I [...]

3 Lessons I learned at 40 something…and wish I knew in my 20s

3 Life lessons I’ve learned at 40-something I wish I’d known at 20-something… Isn’t’ funny how we look back at different times in our lives and think “ WHAT was I thinking?” What was important then isn’t now as priorities change I do that all the time! All I know is that those moments taught [...]

Healthy Essential Fat levels over 40….

Hey ladies do you…?🤔 Watch Fat Levels over 40 & 50…even if they are healthy ones… So, you were told that eating healthy fats was key to your healthy goals. Certainly, they are! Consuming foods such as avocado, almonds, chia seeds, wild salmon are healthy BUT How much of these heathy foods are you consuming [...]

A bad case of the “if’s”- getting over the hump…

Getting over the hump…. Do you have it bad? I mean, a bad case of the “ifs”. I hear you… I hear many of you. I remember that feeling, especially finding out I had an under-active thyroid causing me gain weight. And when those challenges happen our minds tend to fall on that crutch and [...]

Trust your Gut? Do you use Probiotics

Probiotics – Did you know Everyday our intestinal flora is disrupted by our diet, stress, medications and lifestyle ….and did you know that 80% of our immune system’s cells are found in the intestinal track. A Probiotic is a living micro-organism that, when ingested in sufficient quantities provides beneficial effects on the health of its [...]

Really Ask Yourself: What brings you Peace & Happiness?

Really ASK Yourself: What brings you peace and happiness? Who and what is really important to you . Cut the noise out. Finding Yourself Begins with Finding a Peace of Mind Remind yourself daily: You were born exactly as you needed to be. You possess unique gifts that no one else in this world has [...]

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