SHAPE and TONE right from home! Want to know the secret formula?

Who saids you need to spend money on a gym membership. Use your Fitness Toolbox! Resistance Bands, Booty Bands, Stability Balls and a few other things are all you need to get started!

Nancy Di Nino BForce Bands 7 lateral bandsBelieve me when I say I have tried every type of diet plan and training method that had me doing hours of endless cardio sessions, many of which produced minimal changes to my body and made me feel like my age, European genetics, slowing metabolism and my hypothyroidism, would continue to support this never ending life long struggle for weight loss. I was led to believe that because of my age and genetics  I would have to be a slave to the gym.

I can help you turn your life around and give you the guidance you need right in the comfort of your OWN HOME!

 With my programs I will give you  the motivation to finally make that change that works with your personal goals and quality of life !

THE SECRET: Train harder in a shorter amount of time =  Efficiency on more caloric intake. How DOES THAT SOUND?

I am so relieved and excited that I can share this with you now and make the biggest change in YOUR LIFE. Let’s get you started now!

Fighting your Genetics?

With my unique training tips on fighting European genetics, you will finally tone and lose stubborn fat. It’s your turn to start now.

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My unique approach can be found in my Forza-Fat-AwayCiao-Cellulite & Viva-The-New-You. Stop the mind struggle and started FREEING YOURSELF!!

Through my research and trial and error I was able to develop programs that successfully combat genetic disposition, stubborn fat, slowing metabolism and hypothyroidism.  Using myself as the test subject I quickly learned how to burn fat and lose weight without sacrificing my quality of life. My programs include techniques such as muscle control, isolation, contraction and tempo movements to target those stubborn areas where fat cells are deeply stored. So it’s about working wiser, harder and smarter and not longer! Isn’t that refreshing?

I am so excited to share my knowledge with you!