I hope my Canadian crew enjoyed this Family Day holiday weekend and my American peeps enjoyed Presidents Day.

The weather was dope, wasn’t it?

I know it has been some time since you all have heard from me.

Yes! I was on a bit of a hiatus.

It was time for me to “pump the brakes” for a bit and re- evaluate life.

Do you ever get those moments?

Rightttt? I hear you!

I was letting every day run me and my life from …appointments, work, cooking, training, family, emails, more emails , REPEAT!

All I did was WERK! WERK! WERK! lol

My whole “To- Do List” filled my day. I barely had time to laugh anymore and let my personality shine. 🙂

I never had any ME TIME to recharge.

You get me right? Are you feeling the same way?

It was the end of 2016 and I finally decided it was time for change.


Time to hit the reset button for 2017!

I asked myself …

What was important to me? What made me happy?… This moment, this day…and from then on,  everything else was put on hold.

For the first time in Ummmm… 40-sumthin’ years I was TRUE TO MYSELF. True to my heart and soul.

The brand new ME...started with a “To do List” – that made time for me, and so should yours… YOU making time for you!

It’s all about balance ..and in my old age I finally got it! LOL!!

You will be hearing from me soon where I will share with you how to help reset your “life button”!

PS…In  the meantime I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself what is important to you about you…..

…and let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN   #MIH!