I know sometimes you may be frustrated. I know how you may look at your journey and struggles and think you are not worth it..or you will never reach your goals…because everything else comes first in your life…as a housewife, working woman…life in general…

I remember feeling that way at one time in my life. Falling so far off that I was waiting for someone to save me.

What I realized  was the answer was staring me right in the face.  “I was the answer”

It took me years to understand this. I blamed everyone and everything why I couldn’t achieve my weight loss goals. I blamed my genetics, I blamed my work schedule, I blamed money and anything else I could.

Then one day I sat alone and was so disgusted with myself.

I knew I was worth more and finally it clicked. (Curious, you can read my story here)

I was the answer to what I wanted. It wasn’t about what “I thought” I didn’t have. I was tired of my own pity party.

It really was about my damn excuses.

I learned to appreciate my worth and changed my attitude to thinking the change would happen if I believed it would, if I was patient and if I really invested in myself.

So… I am going to help you grow not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I want you to know your worth.

Why is it that we are our own biggest investment but we fail to invest in ourselves?​​​​​​

I know why, … it’s because of our self perception.
Because of our negative self talk which leads to fear.
Because  you don’t want to feel uncomfortable when you are challenged.
So I am going to give you some mental motivation to set you on the right path.
Remember that saying “fake it till you make it?”  LOL
I want you to believe you are worth it. I want you to wake up every morning and the first things you say are positive affirmations about yourself. In bed, while getting ready, or in front of the mirror I want you to say aloud:
I am worth it
I am worth becoming better
I am worth making myself a priority
I am my biggest investment
I am confident and I will!
I AM THE ANSWER to making changes!
Practice these positive affirmations everyday. It all starts in your head..trust me. Suddenly one day, you will feel the transformation, you will feel how worthy you are.
And guess what I am hear waiting for you ...waiting to join you..waiting to guide you..waiting to turn you into a completeSuperwomen!
Try me…it becomes infectious! And…I have something special coming so keep posted !
Nancy …
Your Transformation Coach!
Helping you grow physically, mentally ,spiritually!