Okay Nancy, “Coach D”  Video real talk here !
Let me set the record straight. Your motivation is not failing you. It is your dedication and commitment.
It is the action of following through with “your dedication & commitment” to reach your goals that is failing you. Listen in  and I will explain… ​​​​​​​
So listen, I thought this Coach D pep talk was needed.
So many of you have the best intentions. You are motivated by your spirit, and by your heart to make changes for yourself.
Then what…ummmm…ya…
I hear you…it is tuff for me too. After all we are human.
“Life” get’s in the way, right??? Your motivation quickly disappears when you give in to:
  • silencing your alarm clock in the morning, missing your workout
  • you had a birthday party or wedding and gave in to the lasagna and cake that was served
  • work and family took priority because you didn’t make your personal goals a priority
Hopefully, after hearing me explain the difference in the video, that you can work on your action of “dedication & commitment” to follow through with your goals…whatever they may be.
And if you need me to hold you accountable…my ear is here for you!
Hope this Coach D pep talk put some fuel under you BUTT to get you set on the right foot this week.
What ever I can do to help…
Have a great week and stay dedicated and committed to you !!
Flex those Monday motivational muscles! LOL
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