Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Listen to the 5 Reasons Why?

LISTEN IN NOW ..WHY Can’t I Lose Weight?

How many times have you asked yourself this question. 😖

As I explain in the video, the answer is compounded and include:

✅ Reflect on what you been eating ..those mini snacks and what you put in our coffee often add up to an abundance of fat and calories. Eating snacks that are “healthy” does not mean they are calorically sound for weight loss.

✅A re you lifting heavy enough? Muscle building raises metabolism

✅ Sleep and stress – not enough will raise cortisol levels

✅ Calories in calories out – are you burning enough calories based on your daily consumption?

✅ Past eating habits

Which one/s are you guilty of? Comment below and share this post if you know someone who may need to hear these reasons.
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LISTEN IN NOW ..WHY Can’t I Lose Weight?