I know you “get me” when I say…..”who the hell wants to eat only chicken and salad every meal?”

 Not me!…UHHHH! That is enough to de-motivate you right?

I was sick of eating the same SH&T!

I am no different than YOU!

I am the first to tell you that I love food, especially chocolate deserts.

I was so desperate to keep on track I eventually became a good cook and an excellent baker LOL! I had to experiment.

I want you to be excited about the food you are eating!

I don’t want you to fail..I want to keep you on track year round.

I don’t believe in diets. I don’t believe in putting you on a plan that you don’t want to follow. That is FAILURE 101!

Screw that! LOL

My programs integrate foods to eliminate those ‘binging” and “craving” attacks.

 Thank gosh!!

…And my programs include my full recipe book to show you how!

If it wasn’t for me being able to eat “normally” some of the time…I would have failed too.

NO BS here…because I am just like you…

So try my  20 minute tasty recipe that is full of protein, low fat/carb!  It definitely keeps me on track.

And thank me later while you are still maintaining your weight loss goals.

Straight up!

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Here’s the goods to start!