As your ‘Virtual Coach’ let me show you how this technique helps reduce stubborn fat!​​ Try this at home.

Fit Tip- Booty Glute Bridge with me from Home- Use this technique

I know you may be feeling discouraged because you’ve tried similar exercises in the past and you didn’t see results…

Trust me! I have been there. It SUCKS!

Likely, you were not shown how to properly execute the exercise and that is why you failed at getting results.
I am showing you some of my unique techniques that really work at reducing fat and cellulite.

The key to the these exercises is using the “Pause & Hold” – PT/PHT technique. By squeezing at the top or bottom of the movement, holding and contracting, you are activating the glute muscles and tapping into the stubborn fat at a cellular level.

My training methods include a variety of specialized techniques …ones I had to figure out on my own because nothing else was working.
If you want to see results, incorporate this into your training routine daily and eventually you will see how your body shapes and tones. ( try this for a few months)

Glute Booty Bridges-  How easy with no equipment needed!

Step 1:
Lye on the floor with your knees/shins shoulder width apart. Increase the difficulty by:
a) propping your feet up on a bench
b) use a stability ball
c) place one heel/foot either flat on top or on the edge of the bench while the other leg is straight up the air.
d) use a booty band/resistance band around your hips/thighs
Step 2:
Place your arms beside you for support. Lift your hips/glutes up thrusting them to the ceiling. Pause &Hold (PT) for 2-3 seconds, squeezing your glutes and then release your hips to the floor. Repeat.


PPS…..You are not alone…believe me.
If you feel you need more support then I’m available for a free coaching call to help you with your weight loss and motivation…especially if you are just starting can be overwhelming I know.


I want to hear how it works for you !
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