It’s not about training the right or wrong way, its about training the “UNIQUE WAY”


Through my research and trial and error I was able to develop programs that successfully combat genetic disposition, stubborn fat, slowing metabolism and hypothyroidism.  Using myself as the test subject I quickly learned what I, similar as with many of you are experiencing,  needed to burn fat and lose weight without sacrificing their quality of life. My programs include techniques such as muscle control, isolation, contraction and tempo movements to target those stubborn areas where fat cells are deeply stored. So it’s about working wiser, harder and smarter and not longer! Isn’t that refreshing?

Believe me when I say I have tried every type diet plan and training method that had me doing hours and hours of endless cardio sessions, many of which produced minimal changes to my body; which all  made me feel like my age, European genetics, slowing metabolism and my hypothyroidism, would continue to support this never ending life long struggle for weight loss. I was led to believe that because of my Genetic Disposition I would have to be a slave to the gym.


My mind could not accept this. There had to be an answer to my slavery to the hours in the gym. After many of these failed attempts, and my desperation to find an answer I kept researching and experimenting with nutrition and training regimes to see what worked for me. The reality is I am European but I had to develop training techniques that focused on zapping away the stubborn fat cells. In addition I learned what foods would work for me and what didn’t because sometimes just because you are eating healthy, it doesn’t mean it is the most calorically sound plan for your body type.

I can help you turn your life around, give you the guidance you have been waiting for and the motivation to finally make that change with my programs that work around your genetics, quality of life and personal goals. . I finally found the secret formula to debunking the myth that European women will never lose weight because of their genetics to naturally carry fat in their lower body. No more training the wrong way, it’s the “unique way”

I am so relieved and excited that I can share this with you now and make the biggest change in YOUR LIFE. With my unique programs on fighting European genetics, it’s your time and turn to start now.

My unique approach can be found in my Forza-Fat-AwayCiao-Cellulite & Viva-The-New-You. Stop the mind struggle and started FREEING YOURSELF NOW!

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