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Viva Italia.! Once again I am proud to be able  to inspire the the Italian Fans with my feature in the  November/December issue of Italy’s Cultura Fisica Magazine. with my article on “The Art of Modeling.” 

 Cultura Fisica is one of Italy’s leading Bodybuilding, Fitness and Health Magazines available in Italy and Europe. Editor Amedeo Marsan is proud to have the world wide influence of Canadian- Italian Nancy Di Nino in Cultura Fisica .”

VIVA ITALIA, As a Canadian-Italian I am proud to be able to inspire my family, friends and fans of Italy,” says Nancy.

In further I understand the needs of those of European descent, understanding their Culture, eating habits, and Genetic disposition, hence the reason for my latest “Genetics Guru” brand! My programs are customized to suit those with individual training and nutrition needs.

As part of my company Bravado Fitness Marketing, Branding and Management, Posing and the ART OF MODELING , are paramount to success on and off stage, something competitors/models often overlook. s a Cover Model, Media Personality Figure Athlete and Fitness Professional I thrive on inspiring people across the world to lead a lifestyle of health and fitness.

BIG SHOUT OUT OT EDITOR IN CHIEF AMEDEO MARSAN for inspiring Europe with his passion for health and fitness. GRAZIE !!! GRAZIE !!! GRAZIE!!!

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