Bravado Marketing & Management

Karen Gallagher  –  Personal Trainer/Conditioning Coach
OPA Competitor, Fitness Model

I first met Nancy over 10 years ago while we were competing at a fitness competition. Not only has she become a close friend and mentor over the years but as well she has helped me to achieve my personal best on stage and within the industry.

If you are ever fortunate enough to meet Nancy you will learn quickly that she is a fireball and has so much passion and respect in the fitness industry and most importantly for the people involved.

Over the years, Nancy has helped me to specifically position and network with the right people in the industry including magazine editors, show promoters, photographers, supplement companies as well to assist in developing my brand through social media, increasing my exposure and fan base and landing myself in magazines.

Nancy truly takes pride in every client she personally works with. It is always a pleasure to work with her as her experience, professionalism and encouragement has help me to come into each and every show with confidence.

Mary Luciano – The Raw Food Trainer
Health and Fitness Professional

“Be prepared to get your butt whipped when working with Nancy Di Nino. Nancy will keep you on your toes and will stop at nothing until you achieve your goals. She is passionate, vivacious and knows the health and fitness industry inside and out. Nancy and Bravado Marketing and Management Services helped me develop my brand identity, create a social media strategy and create my own personal website.

Nancy is beautiful, compassionate and very insightful. She has a tremendous ability to connect with people. She exposed me to the right people and she took a lot of initiative for my benefit. As a result I am an ambassador for Sunwarrior, a company that creates raw, plant-based supplements on an international scale.

Nancy, my sincere Thanks for your ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement. You always managed to keep me on track and focused. You are very results oriented, yet very flexible in your approach and it is obvious that you care about your clients.”

Stage Posing & Presentation

Helen Coutts – National Level Figure Competitor
Ontario Physique Association

I remember my model walking and posing sessions with Nancy. Initially I felt so uncoordinated, as if I was walking in broken heels. By the end of my sessions,I started to feel like I belonged on a red carpet. Nancy’s stage coaching not only taught me the mandatory quarter turn sequences but also emphasized posture and specific body movements (hip action) that helped me create my own personal style on stage. This is what sets you apart and makes you shine on stage. When I got on stage I felt like I had already won the judges attention!

Karen Gallagher  –  Personal Trainer/Conditioning Coach
OPA Competitor, Fitness Model

Nancy has also helped me to perfect my personal “Bravado and Swagger” in my stage presentation while I was preparing for the Arnold’s and Provincials. Our main focus is to fine-tune the presentation all while maintaining a sexy, classy and poised appeal. Nancy is truly in her element when she is teaching these important final touches for the stage.

Training & Nutrition Programs

Helen Coutts – National Level Figure Competitor
Ontario Physique Association

I have always had a love for health and fitness. I was exposed to the Fitness Industry when my believably talented trainer and coach Nancy Di Nino suggested I I join her to watch the figure competition. It was my first fitness show ever. I don’t mean as a competitor but as a spectator! After seeing the stunning talent on the stage I wasn’t sure that I could do it. But here I am, to date, humbled and in complete disbelief that I won the Figure Overall at the Winston Invitational and now I am a National Level Figure competitor gunning for my Pro Card! Never in my wildest dreams did I believe this could be me..Thanks to Nancy’s expertise in training and nutrition on this journey!

PS…I did this all while working as a Dentist full time and being a wife and mother…pheu!

Karen Gallagher  –  Mother of 3 & 45 years old
after 90 days lost 30 pounds

As a European mother, keeping my weight down has always been a struggle, especially with my Italian-European genetics, but now with Nancy and her European Fat Blasting genetics programs , I have learned how to manage my weight and make it a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on stubborn fat that I am genetically prone to I lost 30 pounds and it  made me a brand new woman.

Luana C   –  After 90 Days on Bravado’s
Blastin Bodyfat Challenge

As a mother of Italian descent And entering into my 50’s my body was changing as most women find. In my 40’s I was always active and tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately things became harder as I got up in age. Going through life changes depression, anxiety and suffering with lower back issues, I hit a wall I had no energy. Weight creeped on and clothes fitting tighter. I couldn’t take this anymore and buying new clothes was not going to be my answer.

I have known Nancy Di Nino and followed her through her journey in the fitness world and watch her transform herself as well as her many clients. At that point I contacted her and we discussed my issues. She has since changed my way of eating and exercising. I I have never felt better. I have energy and getting good sleep. Seeing my body change is my motivation to keep going and makes me the most powerful woman with Nancy!