Tis the season of barbecues, weddings, patios, and outdoor events and

your first reaction is to RUN….right? LOL 😱 🏃‍♀️

Speaking with my clients the last few weeks, I can’t count how many have asked me “how do I eat clean and stick to a plan” during summer, barbecues, patios, and everything else reopening.

Admittingly, no matter what time of year, sticking to clean eating or a structured nutrition plan can be a battle of the mind and can ultimately test your will power. 💪

The answer is always the same: when your mindset is right and in control, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what occasions come about. Seasons should not dictate your health and fitness goals. There will always be birthdays, weddings, summer, holidays, and vacations.

That is life!  BUT…

It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these occasions strategically and in moderation. You can enjoy all these things and the summer if you tell your mind “I got this” so you CAN be SOCIAL and have the choice of food freedom.

Believe me, there are times I must put my mind in check because the minute I start stressing about food I am basically telling myself I am not in control of my mind and your surroundings

So, here’s how you can enjoy


Don’t isolate, avoid or run away from events – Adapt!

Hey, I admit I have been guilty of this. The invitations start coming in and you panic thinking you will “fall off the rails” if you expose yourself to alcohol, sweets, and savoury foods. Then the excuses come – I can’t go because…?????

And you try to isolate yourself? Sound familiar? The moment you start running because you don’t trust yourself to be in those environments, this is an indicator you are not in control, or your eating regime is not sustainable.



Let go of the “all or nothing” attitude.


In most cases, foods can have alternate substitutes (protein, carbohydrates, or fats) especially if it’s for an occasion or evening. Chances are it’s your OCD mind and striving for perfection that is getting you worked up about food.

REMEMBER: There are substitutes and choices…so let go of this rigid “all of nothing” mindset or you will never enjoy life, friends, and family.


Don’t go hungry. Pre- Plan

Don’t try to kid yourself thinking if you starve yourself all day you won’t consume an excess of calories. That strategy is a recipe DISASTER. Going hungry will want to make you eat everything under the sink. No different than going to the grocery store hungry.

Eat your meals as you regularly would. In fact, I recommend eating a pretty filling meal prior to going to any event. This will help you feel satiated and not over-eat while out.


Lastly – be realistic – eat in MODERATION and if you mess up don’t be so hard on yourself.

Reflect on your shortcomings, why you indulged and pre plan for next time.


After all, we are all human.

Nancy ….

Be sure to hit REPLY if you have experienced this feeling.  I know it is a feeling that can often creep up on you