Isn’t that the hardest part?

Does it ever feel like you just don’t know where to start?

I hear you.


You had the best intentions to get in the gym or start eating healthy but then, your confusion and frustration sabotaged your intentions and motivation to take action.

You find it easier to escape with an excuse of the millions of other things you can do.

Yep….so you AVOID –  AVOID  –  AVOID…right?

(Nancy, how do you know?) Hmmmmm!

I remember that feeling, especially after experiencing some health issues that caused me to gain weight. It’s no different than starting anything new; a job, a new hobby, having a first child.

Baby steps, one day at a time.

It’s overwhelming because you have never done it before.

Let’s get you over the hump because once you get started you will see and feel the benefits that exercising and eating healthy have on your mind and body.

Like anything else, if it’s a priority, you will make it happen.

If it is an objection, it’s an EXCUSE or what I call…

a MIND F**K. (Did I say that?)

MIND OVER MATTER- I need you to show up for you and your life for once!

If you’re considering to start exercising but don’t know where to begin, let me help you by getting your  mind in the right head space.

SNAP SHOT: How to Get Started

  1. Make a Plan

If you don’t plan, it won’t happen.  Pre-plan by setting the time of day aside,to have 30 minutes to exercise. Make it easier on yourself and exercise in the morning before the world takes over, before your responsibilities to your kids, work, family, husband and life becomes a priority. Getting up 45 mins to 1 hour earlier is YOUR TIME for you.

  1. Set Realistic Goals (baby steps!)

What is your goal;… To firm?… To tone?.. To just get your  body moving?…To improve your heart rate? Slowly increase your goals every few days or after a week. (e.g. jog for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes)

  1. Make it a Habit

Just as you make it a habit to take a shower, eat, pick up the kids, go to work, make it a habit to exercise daily or schedule it into your daily routine.

Imagine if you said to you boss “sorry I can’t fit work into my day today” or “sorry little Johnny, find another way home from school, I just don’t have time today” LOL!  Tell yourself that there is NO option or objection for you to fit that workout in your day.

  1. Find or do a workout you enjoy, that will excite you! (and it doesn’t  have to be in a gym). Power walk, go to the park, dance classes, Zumba, find a friend and take a class.
  1. Don’t aim to be Superman/Superwoman the first week. Ha! Ha!  Just do something that will make you feel productive.

Lastly ….don’t judge yourself.

Once you get started, once you HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE, your mind will feel great that you are committed, you are deserving and making change in your life!

Because I care about making a difference in your life.. and in people’s  lives..

Nancy D....