Really ASK Yourself: What brings you peace and happiness?

Who and what is really important to you . Cut the noise out.

Finding Yourself Begins with Finding a Peace of Mind
Remind yourself daily:
You were born exactly as you needed to be. You possess unique gifts that no one else in this world has because there is only one you.
I know how hard it with social media permeating aspects of our lives to be better and live to the ideals that the world dictates and more so having to meet expectations.
With expectations we judge and criticize ourselves thinking we don’t measure up to what the world defines as the ideal.
BUT – if you learn to genuinely accept yourself as you are, you will finally have a peace of mind.
With peace of mind comes an inner “calmness”, “self-love” and “self-care”.
So today…cut out all that busy noise and think of about brings you peace..
For me its nature, and of course walking with my puppy Chloe..pets really teach you about unconditional love.

What brings each of you peace and happiness? I would love to hear.