“Nancy DiNino is a Canadian athlete and icon that has achieved many goals and dreams that those who are coming up in the industry would love to replicate. She has single-handily dominated multiple areas of media to break down the ideas that Canadian competitors do not get far, or known, outside of our country. She is someone that has opened doors and is continuing to pave the way.”

~Tina Goinarov, Fitness Enthusiast ~

professional-bio-nancy-dininoNancy Di Nino is a multi talented Fitness Celebrity,  Personal Trainer, FitMark Bags Brand Ambassador, Media Personality, Cover Model, Figure Athlete and Professional Salsa Dancer. Her diversity of talents extends to being a Brand & Marketing Manager which has allowed her to have an active voice and International presence in the media and in world of Health and Fitness.

As a 6-time cover model, she has graced publications with a strong International presence to Include Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers ,Muscular Development, Inside Fitness, Physique, Iron Man and IronMan Italy just to name a few.

She has co hosted prestigious events including Living Beautiful Radio, Bodybuilding.com, The Olympia, The Toronto Pro Supershow and The Arnold Sports Festival, she has interviewed various sports celebrities from the world of UFC’s MMA to various credited Olympians. Most notably, Nancy had the honour of interviewing the one and only celebrity icon; Movie Star, Bodybuilding Legend and former Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger while hosting the live webcast production of his annual Arnold Classic Sports Festival Weekend.

Her artistic and ethnic appearance credits her to also being a Professional Salsa Dancer. Her Latin flavor exudes an electrifying confidence and presence on stage. As a member of “Strickly Salsa Latin Dance Company” Nancy had the opportunity to perform with her team at the Bacardi World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico (Albert Torres Production) amongst the select few of teams that are chosen throughout the world.

As the owner of Bravado Branding & Marketing Services, she is business oriented with an infectious personality that allows her to reach out to her fan support across the world. She sees herself as a positive role model fusing fashion, fitness, beauty, health and dance all in one dynamic package. She is a social media guru and has a strong social media following.

With a strong business sense and natural talents to entertain and Inspire a wide variety of people involved In the health, fitness and dance industries, Nancy is ready to change your life! She has an outstanding & infectious personality that radiates when working with the corporate sector and general populations; An essential element for success, wouldn’t you agree?

Email: info@nancydinino.com