Fit Responders:Real Stories from Our Front Line Heros!

This couldn’t be more TRUE!  Read our profiles in OptiMYz on line now!

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I am more than humbled to share this flip cover with these incredible women: front line responders: Police Officers, Paramedics and a FireFighter. We are bound to shift work, long hours, and see more in a day then most people see in a lifetime. The stress alone from seeing the realities of the criminal world is enough to write a book, yet we are strong women who still stand confident and strong. People ask, “How do you do it?” Well I must say that my first love of health and fitness is what saves me. It is the place where I release my stress, look deep into my soul, find that place where I can push myself to a higher place. It is training with every set and every rep that I am able to surpass my goals mentally, emotionally and physically. For those who say that they don’t have time to work out because they have children, family, have to work etc. STOP THE EXCUSES!!!! We work around the clock, surrounded by high pressure situations, and still find the time to eat healthy and train. If we can do it so can all of you! Special thanks to OptiMYz Magazine for recognizing us and featuring us for what we do in our daily lives.  This was way overdue! As women we are multi faceted!

 As well, this couldn’t be possible without the talented Dave Laus, Photographer who knows first hand what we experience on a daily basis, being a former Police Officer. Finally for the beautiful make up and hair …shout out to Two Chicks and Some Lipstick! WOW! STILL IN AWE! DREAM BIG EVERYONE! On stands early February 2016.

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