Olympia 2015 bannerwbMy favourite event of the year; The Mr. Olympia! I can’t believe I have been going for just about 10 years now. It’s amazing how one event can have the power to form new friendships new dreams and inspirations.

collage of ladies of olympia 2015wb

Dreams; they key is making the plan to have your goals and dreams come true.  Your biggest dreams and greatest wishes come alive at night while you are asleep. The challenge is to keep them alive and keep them real for when you awake! Believe in YOURSELF! I was lying awake one night, thinking to myself..”Why is  it that we feel so invincible in the quiet of the night, feeling free to think and believe whatever we want; Yet the minute the morning alarm goes off ,that incredible feeling, those wishes and those dreams  vanish with the first breath of the day? Well, it’s because of fear.   Fear of our realities, fear of what people will think,  fear of our own failures, fear of leaving what is often , comfortable in life. Even I too have  feelings of fear. It’s uncomfortable, but the key for me is expanding my mind to think beyond the “What if?”  It’s about expanding my thoughts to that wonderful place again that I know that excites me and keeps my soul alive.  It’s that inner voice of ‘something and the belief and faith. It’s “that something” which creates the seeds to success and drives the warrior within me. If you want to achieve great things in life, you have to be willing to give up everything to get everything. Do not fall victim to your circumstances, you make the choice for yourself. If you choose to live a predictable , mundane, ordinary life ,then you will never afford yourself the opportunity for growth, On the other hand if you think outside the box of life, if you choose to come out of your comfort zone and face challenges and take risks, the opportunities will slap you right in the face.

Right back atcha!

See you all at the Olympia xoxoxoxoox Be sure to visit my social media pages and stay on my blog for updates and photos from the weekend…and lots more coming to my website,

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