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Learn Nancy’s clear-cut blueprint to fat loss: 

Discover the SECRET to "Eat more to Lose more" method to fat loss with my programs. I am so relieved and excited that I can share this with you

An 8-week online transformation program for women who are ready to work personally with Master Trainer and Fitness Celebrity Nancy Di Nino and to (finally) kiss their fat away with a proven and tested formula 


Is your JOB sabotaging your weight loss goals? Has your mommy duties caused you to pack on the pounds? Tired of having no time for you?

Tired of wearing oversized clothing to hide the belly bulge, thunder thighs and your pear shaped body?  

Are you exhausted of your failed attempts to lose weight? 

Are you following a healthy eating plan and still not losing weight? 

Do you feel guilty about the foods that you put in your mouth?

If this sounds LIKE YOU, keep reading. You can continue wasting your energy trying to figure out what you are doing wrong and what the “magic formula” is OR  

You can learn the secret yourself !  

YES! Your in the right place!  

Because I want to HELP YOU, I am going to share my secret methods with you …  

Tracey - Busy Working Mom Finds Time  

"I was busy juggling my kids & work, that I put myself LAST. It was time I made make myself a priority again and Nancy held me accountable to just that!"  

"Her motivational talks and weekly checkins put my ass in gear!" 

Let the truth be told... 

It was all these failed attempts, and desperation that propelled me to keep researching and experimenting with nutrition and training regimes to see what worked. 

I am a true example of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. 

Most probably assume that weight loss comes easy to me. 


Why wouldn’t they after seeing me grace the covers of fitness magazines with a portrayal of what most seek; the fit body, self confidence and not a worry in the world. 


(Keep reading below)

 Discover the SECRET to the


method to fat loss with my programs 

I am so relieved and excited that I can share this with you 

I struggled with my endomorph body having cellulite and stubborn fat on my butt, thighs and hips from my early teen years right into my thirties.

I was obsessed with everything that went into my mouth…asking how many Carbs is this? Fats? OMG! 

Trust me I GET IT!  

I was exhausted from trying every new fat reduction product, or weight loss solution. I GAVE UP ON MYSELF!  

I remember going to the gym thinking “WHY DOES IT WORK FOR EVERYONE ELSE” but me. 

It took me TWICE as long to lose weight compared to anyone else. I couldn't believe I was exercising more,eating less and still not losing weight. 

Using myself as the test subject I quickly learned what I, and MANY OF YOU, needed to burn stubborn fat and reduce cellulite. I was able to develop programs that SUCCESSFULLY work with your body to IMPROVE METABOLISM and achieve GREATER RESULTS.  

Now I can share my secret to success, giving you my clear-cut blueprint plan to weight loss!  

I am so relieved and excited that I can share this with you now and make the biggest change in YOUR LIFE with my unique programs to burn fat and reduce cellulite

It’s your time

  • It’s your turn to start now. 
  • I can show you how to schedule your fitness goals around your day, while maintaining your commitments at work and at home.  
  • I can help you turn your life around, give you the guidance and motivation to finally make the change with my program. 
  • I finally found the secret formula of getting rid of that stubborn cellulite. My programs will awaken you to a whole new perspective.
  • No longer will you be a slave to the gym training for hours and starving yourself. 
  • No more training the wrong way; the Secret is training my/the “unique way”.  
  • Picture yourself now flaunting your body in those skinny jeans or bikini. Whattttttt!  

Are you ready to be held Accountable by Nancy?


Serious inquiries only

I’m excited you found your way to this page… 

That tells me you’re ready for… 


An 8-week online transformation program for women who are ready to work personally with Master Trainer and Fitness Celebrity Nancy Di Nino and to (finally) kiss their fat away with a proven and tested formula 

This Program includes:

A Getting Started Guide that will make things as easy as 1-2-3!  

A Training Guide and Glossary with:

  • Over 20 customized and flexible workouts suitability for anyone from beginners to advance
  • Flexible training programs that allow you to train in the comfort of your own home, office or gym 
  • A customized workout calander that will help manage your valuable time 
  • Access to Nancy's exclusive downloadable video training tutorials anywhere (mobile, tablet and pc) 
  • High intensity interval training combined with resistance training means less time slaving in the gym while maximizing on fat burning throughout the day (10 to 35 minutes/day)
  • Training exercises that focus on proper techniques through isolation and contraction of the muscle 
  •  Training programs using pause and pulse technique using controlled movements to tap into those stored fat cells 
  • Glossary of exercise descriptions and pictorial demonstrations

Nutrition Guide with:

  • Flexible nutrition plans that meet the demands of your busy lifestyle
  • Nutrition plans that recharge your metabolism through specific nutrients and food
  • Shopping list of all the food needed
  • Nancy's favourite recipes and sample meal plans
  •  No dieting. A lifestyle plan that fits your lifestyle focusing on balanced micronutrients, whole foods and volumetrics so you never feel deprived or hungry
  •  Holistic/Homeopathic supplementation and remedies to boost metabolism 
  •  Photo progress tracking to make you accountable on a bi-weekly basis 
  •  Weekly one and one progress calls on Zoom/Skype 


Serious inquiries only

Let me show you how THE NEW YOU program works

Who is this program a perfect fit for? 

  • The woman whose job is making her fat with long commutes, sitting at a computer, business meetings and social functions 
  • The woman that is embarrassed and hides her body with oversized clothes they hate and bikini cover ups at the beach 
  •  The busy woman that wants to work smarter not harder
  • The mom that has put everyone first and caused her to gain weight  
  • The busy woman that does not have the time to spend countless hours in the gym 
  • The woman who has problems with cellulite & stubborn fat on her hips, butt and thighs - endomorph bodies 
  • The sedentary woman whose has finally decided to take action and change her life 
  •  The woman living the average mundane life with no sense of purpose


Serious inquiries only

Check out what my clients have to say... 

Glenda ... Lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks 

When I started training with Nancy, my primary goal was weight loss and getting rid of the stubborn fat that had accumulated around my midsection. I had tried a variety of diets and exercise but as I got into my late 50's it was getting harder to control and I realized I needed help. From the first day, Nancy was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and thorough. She took time to establish an individualized plan that worked very well for me. Nancy's focus was not just on achieving results but transforming into a healthy lifestyle. With Nancy's detailed instructions on diet, nutrition and exercise and her constant encouragement, my results were amazing. The pounds and inches melted away and each week that went by on the program brought significant changes. But the weight loss was not the only remarkable thing that happened. I had suffered with Fibromyalgia for over 15 years. It is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue and sleep issues. I noticed that the pain had lessened considerably and I was sleeping so much better. I had more energy, my overall mood had improved and I felt stronger than I had in a very long time. Nancy was very supportive and constantly provided feedback and tweaked my program to maximize my results. She was truly inspirational and I highly recommend her program because it works.

Christina... Lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks 

I am a 64 year old retired professional woman. I have always battled with weight gain. I had been fit until about 14 years ago when I let work and red wine rule my life. My weight ballooned. In 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I had a mastectomy in March and a second one in August. I went into complete stress mode. I knew I had to get my weight under control but I just couldn't do it. I finally admitted I needed help. I turned to Nancy my friend and mentor. She has always inspired me with her spirit, drive, knowledge and motivation. She introduced me to her "NEW YOU TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM". Unbelievably easy, TOO much food and extremely healthy. Success was immediate. This is a weight loss system that certainly works for me and my lifestyle. To date I have lost 25 pounds and 17 inches overall. I am off my blood pressure pills and feel fantastic. Nancy has been with me every step of my journey providing support, motivation and keeping me focused. My journey is not over, another 25 pounds to go. Stay tuned for future photos. 

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