Is it your first time juicing?  Watch my FB Video Replay as I show you how and answer all your questions from:

How do I get rid of the extra fibre and skin from the veggies?

Is it normal to urinate al the time? LOL !

How “Juicing”  Slims & Resets your Metabolism!

Juicing has been my personal success secret to slimming down, cleansing and resetting my metabolism. I highly recommend you start with Juicing on your Slim Down because it does 3 things:

  1. Cleans out your body- Super CLEANSE

  2. RESETS your Metabolism

  3. Gives you energy

So many of you are asking what I use for Juicing.

What type of machine do I use?

Should I use a blender or juicer?

I usually use a Vitamix Blender because I do like it a bit thicker. However if you want pure juice then use a juicer for sure.

And Bonus…one of my favourite 5 minute treats to curve my cravings “Chocolate protein pudding”! What???

And of course I have to finish with some daily motivation yo!

Take pictures of your Juice and post them on my FB and IG page..I want to see you in action.

Let’s have a fun challenge?

Post your mason jar of Greens juice…

Look at Lucy’s Greens Juice? Damn…she got me alright!