I know you are tired of the same story , the same chatter in your head.Call me!

I shoulda

I woulda….

If only…

 It’s time to finally give yourself permission to make changes. 

Let’s talk about it!


Imagine creating the NEW YOU in 8 weeks…


 You still have questions. I bet I already know what they are; everything from what will I be eating, how will I be training….

 (I love this one), am I going to be stuck eating tuna and chicken everyday?

 Oh…..How are you going to coach me through my transformation?

Well I have answers:

NO… I am not going to deprive you.

Your favorites will be included. 

NO…. I am not going to have you in the gym for hours. 

How does 30 minutes sound?

NO…. I am not going to leave you astray.


 I am going to hold you accountable.

I will take you by the hand and coach you step by step through your transformation.

 I will show you exactly what foods to eat using some of my tastiest recipes ( don’t be surprised if you see healthy pizza!)

 I will coach you through my training as you watch me on your private virtual video tutorial playlist

 I will support you on our 1 on 1 weekly progress calls.


  It’s time for your mind to finally give yourself permission.

 How bout we make the decision right now together.

GIVE ME YOUR GUTS…GIVE ME YOUR MIND! And I will give you the the body and the transformation you have been waiting for.


Are you ready for me because I am ready for you. But don’t wait too long as I have limited space available.


 Nancy…..A.K.A. Coach Di Nino! XOXO