5 Miracle Benefits of “Green Juice” for Daily Health and Weight Loss.

I remember when someone suggested I try ‘green juice” to help with my daily health and weight loss and I was like “ What???” The thought of blended veggies was something I was really not looking forward to. After all I told myself I ate enough daily vegetables. But I learned “bending/juicing vegetables had a completely different effect than “eating “ vegetables.

When I finally decided to give it a chance, I knew it really was the “miracle juice” everyone was talking about.
I call it the miracle juice because the benefits are endless and that is why I integrate it into my 7-Day De-Bloat & Slim Down.
Adding “greens juicing/smoothies” to your daily nutrition can speed up your metabolism and help your body BURN those unwanted calories and lose weight quickly and safely.
Green juice offers many benefits (that you will instantly notice) including:

1) Improved digestion- When you juice fruits and vegetables, you receive more concentrated more easily absorbed nutrients. This is because the bulk of vitamins and minerals found are typically in the juice, not the pulp and fibrous material that you would get in a smoothie. (easier to digest)
2) Reduces inflammation and bloating – one of the sources of bloating can be because our body’s PH levels, specifically in the gut, is too acidic and juicing helps to alkalize the body

3) Improves bowel movements- Oh yes, Greens contain un-soluble fibre to assist bowels and soluble fibre that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. (No-more feeling backed up)
4) Helps to alkalize your body (green juice is the best for this)

5) Great skin !

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