I still remember like it was yesterday. I spent most of my teenage years trying to change my body to “fit into a body” that belonged to someone else. Growing up, beautiful women were mainly described as tall with long legs and an an elongated frame with just a bit of curves where they belonged. (if you know what I mean; that Farah Faucet type). I spent years wishing my body would be like her body…and despite my efforts, it never did, and it guess what: It never will!

I have worked with many women of various shapes and sizes. Similar to my previous unrealistic and ‘wishful thinking”, women come to me “wishing to look like “ the person who they feel has the ideal physique. Aren’t many of us are guilty for this exact scenario?

My point is, as a Personal Trainer and Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner I teach you how to work with your body and not against it. I teach you to see the blessing in your “genetic assets” and your unique body type. Therefore, your goals are realistic, attainable and successful. ✌️

So, if you have a thicker frame and perhaps bigger bones, we work on cultivating a physique that suits you, building beautiful firm curves. 👠

Fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes and I am here to teach you how to shape and tone, build confidence, work with the beauty you have while getting into the best shape of your life. 💃

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