UHHH! Sometimes I wish I could just be normal and go out on a binge, eating pizza and chocolate!

Know what I mean?

The reason why I choose to eat healthy is because I know IF……

…I didn’t have structure,

…I didn’t have “a goal”,

…“an event” or “vacation”

or something to keep me on track, I would probably fall off the handle and EAT.

I AM NO DIFFERENT THAN YOU! It is such a mental struggle.

I need to be held ACCOUNTABLE to something. It’s the only way.

Think of giving your dog that “dangling biscuit”.  He/she will only be rewarded if they are good and if not, they are held accountable, right?

SO…as your virtual coach I am going to hold you accountable BUT… I am going to make healthy eating so much easier for you.

I love PIZZA…yes and chocolate too!

Well I eat healthy pizza at least once a week… AND NOW SO CAN YOU!

Try my “P28 Healthy Pizza” Recipe. (recipe is below)

P28 means you are getting MORE than 28 grams of protein by using P28 Flat bread wraps.

Imagine being able to eat like me while keeping fit & toned? Well that means you need to work with me so I can hold you accountable to it! (wink! wink!)


Working with me ... yep, you can integrate these yummy foods in “your everyday life.”

Straight up yo!