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My programs focus on targeting those specific problem areas using a variety of methods to not only burn fat, but also minimize and zap away cellulite while sculting a lean toned body with sexy lean muscle and shape!
Here is your sample HIIT  workout for your Legs, Glutes and butt!
  • Skipping
  • Reverse cross over curtsey lunges
  • Power  Vertical Jump Squats
  • Plyometric Pop Squat (with mini resistance bands if you want to increase the difficulty. If it is too difficult try a stationary squat)
  • Wall sit squat
NOTE: By registering your email you will receive the full version with step by step instructions and if you are SUPER SERIOUS about my programs  by training with me you ALSO receive voice  over video tutorial demos by me! ( programs differ in value)
  • This is a timed workout and therefore for maximum results make sure you have a timer for each workout either on your phone or separate to stay on track.
  • Set your Tabata timer for 40 seconds work –  10-15 secondsrest. Yep only 10 seconds rest! Keep going!
  • Difficulty can be increased by the number of rounds you do between 2-4 as well as adding extra HIIT exercises such as skipping in between each interval. Gauge based on your fitness level. If you are a beginner start off with 1- 3 rounds at maximum effort and safely increase your intensity.
  • Do the sequence 2-4 times. At the end of each full set of exercises take a 2 minute rest. Ensure your heart rate does not decrease entirely. The key is to keep your heart rate up elevated throughout the entire workout.

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