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I’m giving you the hope you need. Did you hear?

  Wuzzzz Up! I can't count how many emails I receive from men and women reaching out to talk to me  out of pure desperation.   They are BEAT UP and tired of empty promises and numerous failed attempts.  The first thing I say to all of them, is...  “I’m not here to sell you BS, but [...]

SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT! Your time for a Rare Opportunity- New You!

Finally .....I am opening enrollment to my NEW YOU Signature Program! Because this program is very intimate and customized... I am looking for a small number of clients over the next 8 weeks to drastically transform working directly WITH ME as your COACH! Yaaa! I am looking for women who are ready to apply my “unique training [...]

Psst! Got something to TELL YOU on Monday! Check in !

I’ve got something exciting coming your way on Monday morning..... so make sure you are checking in. Because YOU ASKED.... ​​​​​​PS... don’t forget to check your spam folder just in case you find me there! LOL ​​​​​​​Hope your day is FAB! Nancy D.....  

R u addicted to…?

Hey ya'll! So I was wondering...Are you addicted to your morning coffee & caffeine? How do you start your day? Does your day not start without your morning Tim Horton’s or Starbucks Coffee? And if you don’t have are beyond repair, not  able to function  and are completely on edge? SH*T is real isn't it? [...]

Showing up for you is the hardest part!

HEY YOU! Isn’t that the hardest part? Does it ever feel like you just don’t know where to start? I hear you.   You had the best intentions to get in the gym or start eating healthy but then, your confusion and frustration sabotaged your intentions and motivation to take action. You find it easier to escape [...]

Is it your first time?

Is it your first time? LOL! I mean  trying HIIT training sessions? I love to HIIT it! (wink! wink!) Now, get your head straight ya’ll! LOL. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training is what I mean! Are you tired of being in the gym and on a treadmill for almost an hour? NO more with my HIIT [...]

Wanna Quickie…Slimdown?

Do you like to have Quickies? What I mean is...Do you want  to Slim down Quick? LOL!! Men.. this one's for you ! Shirts off for the beach! Let's slim down the belly bloat. Ladies ...ditch the bikini cover up! March is "winter vacation" season and many of you have been asking if I have [...]

Your “TO DO” List Starts with YOU!

How was your week? TGIF  right? A few days ago  I shared with you why it was important for me to hit the reset button on life so I could grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Damnnnn it was the best thing I did.  I finally feel at peace.     I know many of you feel exactly [...]

I’m back..!

Heyyy! I hope my Canadian crew enjoyed this Family Day holiday weekend and my American peeps enjoyed Presidents Day. The weather was dope, wasn't it? I know it has been some time since you all have heard from me. Yes! I was on a bit of a hiatus. It was time for me to "pump the brakes" [...]

R you stuck? Let me help you with your kitchen a make over

  NEED HELP..Let me take you by the hand and help you! LOL! KITCHEN POLICE ARE HERE! Salt: Use “No Salt: This is a common item found in most grocery stores. This product saved my life. It is literally called "No Salt". It tastes like salt but doesn’t have the common effects of salt that [...]

My secrets to getting rid of a belly bloat.

Here it goes...maybe you won't have to wear stretch waiste band pants like I me! LOL What are some common causes of bloating? Bloating, yes, can make you feel like the most unattractive person. Your stomach is full of gas, and frankly, you find it really hard to have a peaceful bathroom break. Not to [...]

A great success once again at the Toronto Pro Super Show!

The 6th annual Toronto Pro Show was an action packed weekend filled with avid fans, fitness enthusiasts and Celebrity appearances.  Inspired by the Arnold Sports Festival, the weekend kicked off on Friday with athletes competing at the OPA Provincial Championships, all hoping to find their way to the National Stage! Saturday and Sunday, the expo [...]

HIIT IT Training Feature in OPTIMYZ Magazine!

On stands now  or Read about my "HIIT" Training now and follow along! I love what I do! Thanks to OptiMYz Magazine for featuring my "HIIT" training article. I am questioned regularly on how "long" I workout to train and build my physique. My common response is, "Its not how long you spend training but moreso [...]