Proud to announce…. I am the newest brand ambassador for FITMARK Bags

Try these Ab&Shoulder Exercises with me right from home!

Coach Di Nino here! How are your fitness goals going? Let me guess? You are looking for something new to spice up your workout routine? Oh...and you are still waiting for those abs to show ...through the skin folds... I know ..I hear it all the time;... "Nancy...How do I get cut abs..I do like 100 [...]

Proof my SH*T works! 3 Days Left to Enroll

Ok..let me be straight up... Time to flex those motivational mind muscles...  and now there is no option but for you to do this.  Tell me what your excuses are, so I can tell you the solutions and shut that BS down.   Helen told me that as a career woman working as a full time [...]

You have excuses. I have solutions

Listen...let's talk about your story. I want to hear it. Have you thought to yourself what am I doing wrong?  Why is there never hope for me?  I know that use to me ...and I would cry myself to sleep at night. ​​​​​​​You are not alone. I spent so much money buying every [...]

Your Objections are your Excuses- Tell me about them.

I am SERIOUS! I am ready to hear your story and what's really holding you back. Tell your inner voice to stop lying to you! Stop the inner chatter. You tried and tried. It never worked, you gave up and accepted you were not cut out to lose weight. Is that nagging inner voice still [...]

The TRUTH why you are failing, but I can help you.

  Yo...    Trust me when I say, I will restart your life.  I don’t consider myself “just a coach.”  I am a mentor.  I am a friend; I am a source of belief in YOU.  I am giving you hope, I am giving you spiritual enlightenment AND I will give you your [...]

I’m giving you the hope you need. Did you hear?

  Wuzzzz Up! I can't count how many emails I receive from men and women reaching out to talk to me  out of pure desperation.   They are BEAT UP and tired of empty promises and numerous failed attempts.  The first thing I say to all of them, is...  “I’m not here to sell you BS, but [...]

SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT! Your time for a Rare Opportunity- New You!

Finally .....I am opening enrollment to my NEW YOU Signature Program! Because this program is very intimate and customized... I am looking for a small number of clients over the next 8 weeks to drastically transform working directly WITH ME as your COACH! Yaaa! I am looking for women who are ready to apply my “unique training [...]

Psst! Got something to TELL YOU on Monday! Check in !

I’ve got something exciting coming your way on Monday morning..... so make sure you are checking in. Because YOU ASKED.... ​​​​​​PS... don’t forget to check your spam folder just in case you find me there! LOL ​​​​​​​Hope your day is FAB! Nancy D.....  

News! Your Media Personality at the Toronto Pro Show May 27-28 2017

Guess what! Woohooo! Yep, I am doing it yet again. Bringing my crazy self back to Canada's largest health and fitness show...7 years strong and damn proud! For all of you who have followed in the past you know I get "straight up quirky, fun and gangsta" with the athletes finding out the scoop of course...whats up [...]

R u addicted to…?

Hey ya'll! So I was wondering...Are you addicted to your morning coffee & caffeine? How do you start your day? Does your day not start without your morning Tim Horton’s or Starbucks Coffee? And if you don’t have are beyond repair, not  able to function  and are completely on edge? SH*T is real isn't it? [...]

I can help you get “unstuck”

Are you feeling stuck? You committed to take taking action, by making changes to your life. That included making changes to start eating healthier. But after one week, you fell back to where you started. Don't beat yourself up. Do I ever know that feeling. I can help you...just trust me! We will start with baby [...]