I have to admit, one of the most gratifying things about being in the Fitness Industry, is being in a position to inspire others. Even after 10 years, I sometimes have to admit that I am completely humbled especially when I am able to extend that inspiration across the nation like in this month’s BodyFitness’s Muscle Show Magazine in France and Spain! I picture those reading the magazine and wonder how I have made them feel when they look at my images and read my words of inspiration, especially coming from me, someone they don’t even know. Then, I receive an email from an avid fan,  in a different continent, and it really hits home; and I thank God that I am able to have an influence on people’s lives. So when people ask me if it is  worth all the sacrifices, commitment, sweat and sometimes tears; it is THIS MOMENT that I say YOUR DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!

Special thanks to BodyFitness’s Muscle Show Magazine in France and Spain for my 7 page feature on how I got into this industry, how I have I have marketed and branded myself  to be one of the top fitness professionals, and also offer some quick modeling tips. So for those of you who speak French and Spanish you are set, and the others, be sure to press the translate button! LOL..Funny as I look at this it still amazes me! Humbleddddd!!!!

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Special thanks to Paul Buceta and Valeria Nova of Two Chicks and some lipstick for making some beautiful images..I couldn’t have done it with out you.!

BFitness pg 1 2015BFitness pg 2 2015















BFitness pg 3 2015Cover Bodyfitness Muscle Show 2015