Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all stayed away from those Halloween treats! LOL ! I wanted to show how I cook in bulk to make sure I stay on track with my weekly goals. The key is to cook in bulk ( Pick 1-2 cooking days a week ) and it SAVES YOU TIME!
✅ Cook and measure out proteins and freeze them so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. This video/picture is how much chicken I cook on Sundays which will last me the week or a bit more.
✅ Measure each chicken breast out to how how many grams I eat in each portion. Wrap in plastic or baggies and freeze. Voila! then each day I take out 2-3 chicken breasts. Done!
Veggies..I could for about 3 days
✅ Pick 3 days a week to do your small cooking e.g. veggies etc . I choose Sundays and Wednesdays
✅ Bring food with you everywhere especially if you are running errands for the day. In most cases a quick errand run turns into hours out of the house and leaves you hungry. Bring a meal with you and leave it in the car
✅ If working in an office or away from home, bring a mixer for your shake or kettle and leave it there..
✅ Just be prepared from the start of the week !
I hope this helps manage your time and feel free to comment on any tips you each have to make your daily food management easier.