5 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Women 40+ :  

My FAIL Proof Protocol

Most programs are cookie cutter and resemble healthier food options and a caloric deficit to reach a goal. But my FASTFLEX 30 fitness challenge is more than that. This is why I created the FASTFLEX30 Challenge for women over 40,  so that I can share the Real Secret to my weight loss in my 40s and keep it off…but keep in mind this offer is only open for 6 more days.

When I reached 40, suddenly it felt like my struggle with weight loss got 10-times worse. I could feel my metabolism was slowing down and my changing hormones (peri-menopause) made my goals next to impossible. One trip to the doctor reviewing my bloodwork, told me everything. Diet is not always everything.

💔Sadly, there has been a serious disconnect between programs tried in the past and what 40+ women actually need to get results.  It wasn’t until I researched  and tested the benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF) and Flexible Dieting …which changed my life.

Let me explain. After 40 (sometimes even as early at 35),  there is a decline in women’s hormones including estrogen, thyroid, testosterone and growth hormone just to name a few, making weight loss very difficult.  However, using Intermittent Fasting has been  PROVEN  to assist with combating menopausal weight, fat gain and balance hormones which increases weight loss.

IF has tremendous benefits but let me first explain exactly what IF is. I know there is a common misunderstanding of exactly what Intermittent Fasting and Flexible dieting are.

No, you are not depriving or starving yourself!  🍕

What you are doing is shifting the times of when you eat without restricting yourself to certain foods.  You are able to eat foods you enjoy without depriving yourself and having to follow the same unsustainable diet day in and day out to achieve your goals.

See think of it this way. If you are always eating, you are using food, such as carbohydrates as fuel. When you are in a fasted state , IF allows you to burn stubborn fat…and that is what women over 40 need help with.

I went from eating 5-6 smaller meals a day and never being able to lose one pound, to having pounds fall off me using IF which increased my fat burning.

Not only does IF assist with balancing hormones but the benefits include:

✅ reduction in insulin levels

✅ reduction in glucose levels

✅ burns stubborn fat and increases weight loss

✅ cellular repair (autophagy)

✅ reduces inflammation

See most coaches will only create programs that concentrate on a calorie reduction and do not consider the compounding factors that women 40+ have.

As a coach I understand the needs of women 40+ and have spent years understanding  the nexus between food, age, metabolism and hormones . And that is why I am passionate about creating programs that connect all these important factors.

I understand and now is a chance for new beginnings with my FASTFLEX30 Fitness Challenge – but its only available for 6 more days.

I want to show you the exact methods I use to lose stubborn fat and keep it off and will be coaching a group of amazing women over the next 30 days. I want you to be one of them.

The challenge starts January 11, 2021 – the clock is ticking with only 6 more days to sign up.

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