Getting over the hump…🥺. Do you have it bad?

I mean, a bad case of the “ifs”. I hear you… I hear many of you.

I remember that feeling, especially finding out I had an under-active thyroid causing me gain weight.

And when those challenges happen our minds tend to fall on that crutch and that inner self talk starts….

…if only we had this, that, or the other, we would find the happiness and fulfillment we so desperately desire. We find ourselves saying things like:

“If I didn’t have to work.” 😤

“If I didn’t have such a demanding career.”

“If I had more money.”

“If I didn’t have the kids.”

“If I had more time.”

Stalling, procrastination and unhappiness is an “inside job”, and not a result of the external circumstances of your life.

Whatever your situation is, you will see and feel the benefits of exercising and eating healthy have on your mind, your attitude and your body.

My advice is always consistent. Start by making the commitment to yourself.

Your circumstances will never be perfect. There will always be something… right?

Start telling yourself that your health and fitness goals are a priority and you will fit it in.

You make it fit in just as if you had to fit it in if you “had to go to an appointment, or work, or take your kids to hockey practice.”

If you are just getting started but don’t know how, or if you have fallen off track with your goals, let me help you get your mind in the right headspace.

1. Define your goal. ✅

…To walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes…to do 50 sit-ups. To go for a jog. Make healthy snacks. Slowly increase your goals every few days or after a week.

2. Make a Plan✅

If you don’t plan it in your day, it won’t happen. Make it tangible and write it down or put an alarm in your phone/calendar. Pre-plan the exact time of day, 20-30 minutes for your health and fitness goals. Make it easier and exercise first thing in the morning before your family wakes up. (Because you know they become the priority when they do LOL!)

3. Make it a habit✅

Just as you make it a habit to take a shower, eat, pick up the kids, make it a habit to exercise daily or schedule it into your daily routine.

4. Make it Fun! ✅

Find or do a workout you enjoy and that will excite you! Power walk, dance classes, outside hike or a boot camp.

5. Don’t try to be Superwoman/man right away✅

Don’t aim to be a Superman/Superwoman the first week. Ha! Ha! Just do something that will make you feel productive.

6. Lastly…don’t judge yourself ✅

Tell people about your goals. This way you are HOLDING YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE.

You are telling your mind that you are committed and deserving to making changes in your life.

Because I care about making a difference in your life…and in people’s lives . Part of having a coach is “ having someone to be accountable too”.

Maybe do some self-reflection and fill this out – SELF Questionaire

Fill out this questionnaire and let me take a look for you .…/1XkIAwWTUqbgl6uUlkDE3wWU…/edit

Whether you are needing a kick-start to your “restart” or just about to start.