3 of my “Rituals” for a Healthy and Radiant Complexion over the years. ✨

I am often asked how I keep great skin over the years.
I take pride in having good skin and promised myself I was not going to let aging ruin that! Aside from attributing it to the abundance of water I drink all day, having great skin and complexion is the same formula and basics of as weight loss.
1) Exercise
2) Diet
3) And a few other go-to Rituals (keep reading)
For years I have been doing the following and I think with time, consistency and healthy habits, skin will maintain its youthful look. I don’t smoke, only socially drink, which is next to zero now, and I am very in-tune with the foods I consume.
I have always been one of th✨ose people who wanted to “age gracefully” and feel my “ body is my temple” so I treat it very well.
My top 3 Rituals include:
🍋 Warm Lemon Water in the Morning
For me this is like medication. And if I don’t have my lemon water I feel completely off the rest of the day. It’s like “starting my engine”.
There are many health benefits of adding lemon water to your daily water intake and the fruit’s benefits go beyond to beauty as well. They are packed with Vitamin C which can help keep your complexion bright from the inside out. Additionally, its alkalizing properties help stabilize the body’s pH levels aiding with overall blood flow.
👩‍🦰 Collagen Protein and Ginger
I add both of these to my protein shake. Blend it right in.
The bioactive components of ginger root make it rich in antioxidants that will not only soothe your skin but help improve elasticity and even your skin tone. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties restore and rejuvenate the skin, and it can even be used as a treatment for dark spots and acne scars.
🌟 Daily moisturizer and cream for my face and body
Apply a daily moisturizer cream to my face morning and evening is a must.
Twice daily I also apply body cream which includes avocado oils in order to moisturize and help keep skin elasticity.
So… like anything it is about consistency and self-care. ✨
What are some of the things you use to help maintain great skin?