How was your week?

TGIF  right?

A few days ago  I shared with you why it was important for me to hit the reset button on life so I could grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

Damnnnn it was the best thing I did.  I finally feel at peace.



I know many of you feel exactly the same way.

Are you feeling like you need a recharge in your life?

You never have enough time for you…right?

I understand more than you know.

I am sharing with you what helped me establish my balance.

Actually, after I was able to calm my brain down I finally realized the solution was easy…..LOL!

Your “TO DO” List – starts with making time for you!

I can help you make the change you have been looking for.

Embrace the mindset first and your balance of a healthy mind, body and soul will naturally follow.

I hope these 5 tips  help you as much as they helped me:

  • Quiet time in the morning for clearing your mind. Positive affirmations/devotionals or meditations telling yourself you are worth it! When you actually believe it and feel it (not only say the words), you will begin to feel enlightened.
  •  Be GRATEFUL! In the morning, take 10-15 minutes to sit in solitude with minimal distractions and just be GRATEFUL!  I sit still, alone and  think about all the wonderful things I am grateful for… I mean the non material things:  my health, waking up in a warm home, my family, my friends. TRY IT! It changes your perspective if you actually think of your life without those people or simple things.
  • Get your work out on! After clearing my mind I am ready to start facing my day with some exercise. Getting my body moving and “werkin’” . The release of  endorphins – “the feel good hormones” make me feel empowered and  productive! All you need is 20 minutes to get that heart rate moving. Skipping, brisk walking, and yoga are great.
  • Build YOU time into your “To do list”.  Every day, or at least 4 times a week, make time for activities that YOU LOVE. Read, laugh, see a movie, cuddle, paint, dance, exercise, try something new.
  • Do what inspires you and makes you feel purposeful.
  • Believe that no matter what you face, it will work out and you will MAKE IT HAPPEN #MIH…So exhale and just breathe…

Are you ready? Do you need help with your reset? I’m here for you!

PS…Don’t forget to check your spam folder, sometimes these emails end up there and you will miss your source of inspiration. 🙂


Nancy D.