This concept in particular is a version of Intermittent Fasting (IF) where you restrict eating earlier in the day. By putting your body in a state of fasting your body is able to use fat stored in your cells as fuel, so you are BURNING FAT instead of storing it, which leads to weight loss.  Basically, the body enters a state of ketosis that forces your body to burn fat as fuel instead of carbs.  (When you eat breakfast, you are using food (carbs) as fuel).

Moreover, intermittent fasting reduces levels of insulin, a hormone involved in blood sugar management. Lower insulin levels can bump up fat burning to promote weightless. By shifting your calories to later in the day, you limit the tendency to overeat.

Now, mind you intermittent fasting does support faster weight loss, ONLY , if the right foods and macronutrients are consumed during your eating window. (proteins, fats carbs). If  you think that you can skip breakfast to then later indulge in a hamburger or pizza later, you are being counterproductive and opening yourself up to whole set of health problems.

For those that ask my opinion, I am a strong advocate of Intermittent Fasting providing it is practiced correctly, using an adaptive plan and one with appropriate macronutrients breakdown. I do incorporate the concepts of IF in many of my client programs.

The Bottom line …

It’s about choice and lifestyle

If you skip breakfast and find yourself binging later on, then it may not be the best thing for you. However, if you are a person who is disciplined, and you are trying to cut calories and burn fat for weight loss goals this may be a good solution for you. Either way it is important to education yourself and seek out advise or a coach who can guide you accordingly.

Have a happy, healthy day!