How many times a day do you say to yourself?

“What am I doing wrong?”

Oh!  I have so many times, like a broken record.

In fact , that sentence enslaved my mind..over and over. I became obsessed.

I hear you…

You workout everyday, you eat a great selection of healthy foods….yet still ….you look the same.

WTF right? Then the “pity party” starts.

The excuses…the “poor me.”

“Oh, I am too old.”

Forget it, nothing will work. I might as well eat what I want.”

“No sense going to the gym. I still can’t get rid of this fat on stomach and thighs.”

So its time you try something different. As I always say,… “if you do the same thing all the time, don’t expect to get different results.” 

Most of you are doing your basic lunges and squats in your workout.

But what you are not doing is “rocking & squeezing it out.

TRY this technique in all your lower body lunge/squats. (in my video below)

There is a shift in the position of the hips and glutes that allows you to tap into the immediate glute muscle.

Let me show you in this ‘Fit in a minute‘ video on  “Rock your Butt to reduce cellulite”.

Try incorporating this in your butt workout and see the difference after a few weeks.(Keep reading…)

Most of you know how to workout.
Where the problem lays is most of you don’t know HOW to workout properly.

I don’t want you to waste your time anymore. I know your time is tight in your busy day. Right? Work? Family? Errands?

I can show you how integrating a few simple techniques in your daily workout regime that will be the change you needed for firming and toning your body easily.

Voila…beautiful toned muscle and curves…

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Your virtual Coach

Nancy Di Nino

Training & Transformation Specialist