Ok the real deal for those of you saying you want a butt like “JLO and The Kardashian sisters… ….apparently they use “this product and that product…”

Do not be sold on “quick gimmicks” especially when you see celebrities in the magazines. Well, here is a wake up call. What you see in the magazines is largely manipulated.

Look at this raw picture Kim Kardashian posted. No airbrushing, perfect lighting, and no perfect angles.

No disrespect…but to get my point across, she is by far from being cellulite or fat free.
And if there was a special product that would help reduce fat and cellulite I would know about it.  LOL!
Yes their are products that will “help support the reduction of fat and cellulite” however it is 85% …. your  exercise and nutrition. 
Remember I told you I used myself as a test subject trying every product and plan to burn that stubborn fat and reduce cellulite?
Here is the short version.
Realize that all body fat is not the same. We have what I call “fat” and “stubborn fat”.  Stubborn fat contains a greater percentage of different type of a2-receptors. This type of receptor attempts to cease fat breakdown.  Due to the a2-receptors inhibitory effect on fat break down, the stubborn fat tissue does not respond well to the adrenal hormones.
And cellulite…the dimpled look, where you see cells of fat under the skin(often thin). This is a defect in the thickness of the skin or collagen of the dermis.
So what can we do about it Nancy???
Bottom line keep on with a combination of healthy eating, resistance training and high intensity cardiovascular exercise.
It was all the trial and error (failed attempts) that I was able to develop programs to combat the stubborn fat, reduce cellulite and a slow metabolism.
My solutions are found in exercises using a variety of specific techniques to tap into the stubborn fat and cellular pockets.
One of my techniques used is,  “PT/PHT”
Pause Technique/Pause & Hold Technique

Pause Technique (PT) means when performing the exercise and you reach the bottom/top of the movement (full execution of the exercise) you either:

a) PAUSE AND HOLD, then slowly release on the descent of the completion of exercise

b) PAUSE AND HOLD the position for a count of 2- 3 seconds (or as dictated) and actively or vigorously release out of the movement squeezing the entire time to complete the exercise.

Here is one of of them for you to try using the PT/PHT technique. Take your time with executing the holds and the pulses and you will feel the difference. Try 5 sets 

Tell me how you feel and if you have questions I am here to coach you through them

Resistant Bands/Cable Kick Backs
Place an ankle cuff on the machine at the lowest height and secure around your ankle, or use one from your home workout set if you have one. Face the machine. Stand in an upright position, shoulders back and engage your core.
Kick back with a slow controlled movement and use PT at the top of the movement. Exhale on the reverse descent back to the start position ensuring you keep the tension/resistance of the weight.

 Side/Front Raises with Booty Bands/Resistance Bands

The key to the these exercises is using the PT/PHT technique. By squeezing at the top or bottom of the movement, holding and contracting, you are activating the glute muscles and tapping into the stubborn fat at a cellular level. This is one of many exercises and techniques to really tap into the stubborn fat
Try to incorporate these techniques into your workouts….
Now image switching your whole workout up to include some of my specialized techniques
Nancy D.