Shivers run down my spine as I think of the amazing weekend being part of the 50th Mr Olympia.I have been attending the Olympia for 10 years and I think it really hit me on Saturday evening having many former Mr. Olympians step on stage together; Legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Samir Bannout, Franco Colombo and Jay Cutler. It really puts things into perspective how this sport has allowed for individual dreams to come true. It has inspired me and other fitness enthusiast in ways I can’t even describe. It teaches us to go to a place deep inside, tap into our souls, unleash our motivation and strive to be the best we can be.

Whether a fan, fitness enthusiast or athlete, the utter words of the Joe Weider Mr. Olympia releases a state of anticipation, excitement and the thrill of counting down the days to what was this year’s 50th Mr. Olympia. What I love about the Olympia is the “Positive energy” that is shared among one other. On and off stage, from the competitors, your favorite fitness icons, industry leaders, to the hardcore fans, everyone is consumed with such an inspired feeling of happiness, all stemming from their love for fitness and health. It was an action-packed weekend filled with various events including the Press Conference, Meet the Olympians Night, Flex Bikini Model Search, the Expo and of course the IFBB Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Physique and Bodybuilding events.

The weekend expo at the Las Vegas Convention Centre was by far more then a concert crowded affair with eager fans waiting to get the best seats in the house for the competitions, strongman events and spots in line to fill their oversized bags with give a ways and products. It was definitely a fitness wonderland with various competitions and of course the IFBB Women’s Bodybuilding, Physique Fitness, Figure and Bikini Prejudging. I made sure to get my VIP seats in order to have a first hand look at who the top contenders were.olympia-1

– Women’s Coverage for Flex Magazine –

As a media personality for Flex Magazine it was an honour to be able to interview the top winners in each of the respective IFBB Divisions. Congratulations to Nicole Wilkins winning her 4th Figure Olympia and Ashley Kaltwessar for winning her 2nd Bikini Olympia. Juliana Malacarne won the Physique division and the outstanding Oksana Grishina taking the Fitness Olympia title, now simultaneously holding both the 2014 International and Olympia titles.


The weekend definitely came with some surprises which made it even more memorable. Fitness Icon Adela Garcia announced her retirement and after winning her 10th Ms. Olympia, Iris Kyle announced her retirement, a nostalgic moment as she thanked her fans for all the support with reassurance that she will continue to be an integral part of the sport.


Men’s Bodybuilding: Who will be the King?”
The script was written and the story came to life as the highly anticipated rivalry between 3-time Mr. Olympia. “The Gift” Phil Health and the “Predator” Kai Greene took the stage. Would it be Heath in 4-peat? The audience could feel the tension in the air as the two side by side battled it out.
As they quarter turned, the picture painted itself and Phil Health took the title for yet a 4th time.

Special shout out to the FLEX TEAM WHO WORKED SO HARD! – Robbie Durand, Angelica Nebbia, Nicole Adamo, John Hawley, Chris Nicoll….

Unitl next time,
Nancy Di Nino