Okay, “Coach D” – Video real talk here !

Okay I know, you went over board this past long weekend with cook-outs, deserts and drinks. Uhhhh ! Againnnn!!

Let me give you a straight up “pep talk” to get you back on track!

Your motivation is not failing you. It is your dedication and commitment.


It is the action of following through with “your dedication & commitment” to reach your goals that is failing you. Listen in  and I will explain… ​​​​​​​



So listen, I thought this Coach D pep talk was needed.

So many of you have the best intentions. You are motivated by your spirit, and by your heart to make changes for yourself.

Then what…ummmm…ya…

I hear you…it is tuff for me too. After all we are human.

“Life” gets in the way, right??? Your motivation quickly disappears when you give in to:

  • silencing your alarm clock in the morning, missing your workout

  • you had a holiday weekend, vacation, birthday party or wedding and gave in to the chicken wings, pasta and cake that was served

  • work and family took priority because you didn’t make your personal goals a priority

I hear it all from many of you…

Hopefully, after hearing me explain the difference in the video, that you can work on your action of “dedication & commitment” to follow through with your goals…whatever they may be.

And if you need me to hold you accountable…my ear is here for you!

Hope this Coach D pep talk put some fuel under your BUTT to get you set on the right foot this week.

Whatever I can do to help…

Have a great week and stay dedicated and committed to you!!

Flex those motivational muscles! LOL

I want to see them xooxox

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