I hear this way to often;  

“Nancy…I have been working out hard, doings 50 plus lunges, yet my butt isn’t shaking this fat and my cellulite bumps…”

If you are not seeing results, it is most likely because you are not using the right muscles to tap into those stubborn fat pockets.

You know how much I stress “technique”. Most trainers will only take you through the motions of getting through a series of exercises without sharing their “secrets to results” with you.

…Nor do they explain the technique or what muscles you are activating….Am I right?

….And if are training on your own, you are  typically in a rush just to finish your work out because you are thinking about everything else you have to do for the day..right?

We are all guilty of it…even me at times…

Let’s make your workout,  worth you and your time. I don’t hold anything back….because I want you to look & feel  BOMB!

It’s called “Mind-Muscle Connection”!

I know you are thinking “What the hell is that?”

This means: the first step toward muscular contraction is the signal sent by the brain to your muscles telling them to contract. It’s where the mind meets the body..

Make sense?  Just like I demonstrate in the video, the technique of activating your glutes and rocking your glutes/butt forward during the lunge will produce twice the results.

TRUST ME! I use this in all my exercises; and with time if you do this consistently, you will see the reduction of those cellulite bumps.

I want you to feel like your making progress so you keep motivated.


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Ps….Be BOSS Ladies with me..I got you!