With  these simple tips I can help you to manage these events/holidays which are some of the same strategies that I use in my nutrition plans that fight European genetics, blasting fat and cellulite away.

Key Benefit:  My plans focus on a Volumetrics diet, an eating plan that centers on foods that fill you up. This plan is perfect for any lifestyle. It is not a diet. It is something you’ll work toward and use to your advantage. To find out how more about how my theory of Volumetrics Eating is able to blast that European Fat, click here.
Use these simple tips:
  • Pre Research– Call the venue or find out what the menu is ahead of time. Tell them you have special dietary requirements and need substitutions to the pre-set menu. For example if they are having beef, ask for chicken. If they have white pasta, ask for whole wheat or whole grain pasta.
  • Eat/ Have a snack prior to your event that is high in protein so you attend already satiated and not want to be tempted by the variety of unhealthy food choices. Or if it’s a meal you would like to slightly indulge in then limit your calories before attending the event.
  • Bring Substitutions of Food with you – this means bring a big purse and small meals with you. (protein bars, healthy baked snacks, chicken breasts protein bars) Cut then up into small pieces and through them into zip lock bags.
  • Focus on foods based on volumetrics. If there is a buffet, stick to vegetables such as lettuce, salads, cucumber and other greens that you can consume a lot of without worrying about added calories. Consider greens a freebie without restrictions. You would be amazed how full you get on a plate of salad, pickles, cucumbers etc. This also will keep you from those tempting breads that are always on the table.
  • Limit your alcoholic beverages
  • Do a pre-party workout- Not only will you feel and look better all dressed up but your body will be craving healthy food options rather than a sugar-coated cookie if you sweat it out pre-party. “Your metabolic rate will also be higher which allows you to burn more calories
  • Taste test on 3 of your favorite treats – Make a rule to either taste or have snack sized deserts.
  • Grab small plates – don’t reach for the big ones as you will automatically want to fill it.
  • Drink lots of water and eat slowly– Water will keep you full and so will eating slowly. Focus more on the company and your surroundings rather than your plate.
So let me give you an example:
Here I have my cousin’s upcoming wedding, yep typical European wedding. Italian – Portuguese couple. OMG! 400 guests and a 5 course meal with a midnight table.
Hit the panic button right? This is what I did to ensure I was able to stick to my goals while still having some freedom to indulge;
Wedding Menu                                   My version                             Strategy/Benefit
Antipasto- prosciutto, with provolone cheese, celery, cucumber, melon, olives, and bread/bread sticks
Melon, celery, lots of water.  I wanted to avoid the processed meat that is high in fat and asked for extra vegetables and melon. Okay I had some olives!
Ease in slowly and start to build on the theory, based on Volumetrics eating which focuses on foods that fill
you up.   You’ll work toward increase foods with minimal calories that you can eat lots of.
Italian Soup- typically a minestrone or egg droplet
Enjoy the minestrone and ask for no pasta in it if I want to be really strict. Enjoy the egg droplet soup
Soup is a pretty healthy option to stick to. Stick to having more broth as the broth will make you feel satiated and full.
Pasta dish- Penne or Spaghetti
Pass, or ask ahead if there is a whole wheat/whole grain version for your dietary requirements
Use the excuse you are saving room for the main course which is proteins and vegetables
Main Dish- Steak and/or Chicken with vegetables including green beans, carrots, peppers.  Baby potatoes and or rice. Mixed greens salad.
Ask for lean steak such as fillet or ask for chicken breast only. NO dark meet. Time to work on building your plate with vegetables. Ask for extra green beans and peppers and limit the carrots. Go nuts on the salad. I brought my own low calorie dressing, or stick to balsamic vinaigrette.
The theory of Volmetrics is in full effect. Fill you plate with vegetable greens and salad. This creates an illusion that y are eating a lot of food, (which you are) making you satiated and before you know it you are stuffed.
Fruit, Desert and Coffee:
Mixed Fruit: Strawberries, watermelon, melon, grapes.
Desert: Wedding Cake
Stick to the low glycemic fruits in the berry family.
Skipped the wedding cake so I can have a treat off the desert table later on
So I had to ask myself if the wedding cake was really worth the calories. I saved those calories for a mini treat off the midnight table
Midnight  Buffet Table
Various Fish, bruschetta, pizza, baked goods, fruit, cake
Fish, especially white fish is a great source of protein. Stayed away from the bread. I took a small plate and took 3 of my favorite bite sized deserts. And added a protein bar with it.
Having lean protein was great and satisfied my sweet tooth by adding a protein bar to my small mini sized desert options to satisfy my cravings and minimize my temptation to overindulge. Perfect combination.
Now that wasn’t too bad. With my guidance you will learn to enjoy food that works for you, while working at boosting your metabolism and fighting your genetic disposition. The great benefit using the theory of Volumetrics is that you will never feel hungry.

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