Salt: Use “No Salt: This is a common item found in most grocery stores. Saved my life.
Tastes like salt but doesn’t have the common effects of salt that typically cause high blood pressure or cholesterol. And you only need a bit. So go ahead, get rid of the salt and throw “No Salt” on your vegetables, soup, salad, baking and whatever else you like.
Sugar – Less is more! The ironic thing with sugar substitutes and artificial sweeter  is most of them are natural and you end up having to use less to get the desired taste you are used to.
Take out the sugar in your coffee  and/or Tea. Use Stevia, Splenda, Xylitol.  What I do is use Stevia drops. They come in flavors (mocha, French vanilla) and you only need a small amount to sweeten your beverage. Boy, do  they ever help sooth your cravings; And if you let me guide you through your own journey to finding the new you, I have some great recipes that are included in my nutrition plans.
Dressings and Syrups – Most your calories consumed are hidden in the those healthy salads you tend to eat. So you are deceiving yourself when you order a great health mixed greens salads . Yet it’s flooded with copious amounts of dressing. What you need is low calorie or 0 calorie dressings.
Chocolate: Yes I eat chocolate. Throwing in a few tiny shaves of chocolate or ¼ to 1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips creates tiny pockets of sweetness that enhance the dessert. Or use chocolate that is 70% cocoa based. They even have chocolate chips sweetened with Stevia..My best friend indeed to curb those cravings. Again, many of my great recipes are included in my 8 Week New You Transformation. 
Substituting Sugar in Baking: So! Here we go.  Sugar alternatives and their equivalents to 1 cup of refined white sugar or brown sugar. I hope this helps in your baking.
Sweetener: If you are subbing a dry sweetener where a wet is called for, increase the wet ingredients by 1 tbsp per cup. If you are subbing a wet when dry is called for, you will need to reduce the wet ingredients in that recipe as indicated below.  Each item below is equivalent to 1 cup of sugar.
Honey: It’s it weird how you need less Honey to replace Sugar. ½ cup of honey is the equivalent of 1 cup of sugar. It is  sweeter and adds a lot of moisture to your recipe.  For every 1/2 cup of honey, reduce your wet ingredients by 1/4  cup.  I tend to use this the most.  It’s the most cost effective, has a wonderful very subtle floral note it adds to baked goods, and it’s got enough sweetness for my palate.    If your batter seems particularly wet, try adding 1 tbsp of starch or coconut flour or chickpea flour to absorb it. (Coconut flour works the best and has a slightly sweet flavour- great for baked goods).
Agave Nectar: Agave nectar is less sweet than sugar. (1 ¼ cup = 1 Cup of sugar) . It is also not as thick of syrup as honey, therefore resulting in a slightly drier product When you use 1/2 cup agave, reduce your wet ingredients by 2 tbsp.
Ta…daaaaaaa!! Doesn’t it feel good  to purge everything out and start over fresh.