Wuzzzz Up!

I can’t count how many emails I receive from men and women reaching out to talk to me  out of pure desperation.

  They are BEAT UP and tired of empty promises and numerous failed attempts.

 The first thing I say to all of them, is…

 “I’m not here to sell you BS, but I am here to give you what your body needs, so help me help you!

 One size does NOT FIT ALL!

 I can`t wait for you to be my next success story.


 I want you to stop that negative chatter in your head.

 Everyone has a story. I want yours, so bring it to me. Let me hear it.

 Everyone has the demands of daily life. And Felicia was one of them.

 She is a 46 year old busy wife and mother of 3. She has always battled her genetics being Italian.

 What frightened her most was how quickly she started gaining weight, pockets of cellulite along with the loss of her skin elasticity.

 Felicia’s body stopped responding to calorie restricted low carb meal plans and lengthy cardio workouts. Also, she did not have time with 3 children to spend hours in the gym.

 Guess what? Felicia lost over 30 pounds.


Yes she was allowed to satisfy her sweet tooth.

 She was allowed to eat at restaurants.

 She was allowed to have her favorite European foods.

 Isn’t this you?

 I know you already started picturing yourself working with me to finally start your transformation.


So…what I am saying to you…..


I can`t wait for you to be my next success story.

It is about working smarter, not harder.


This is why I want you to want this for you too.


I want…you!! I want….women who are serious. I just need you to try, I need your will.


Talk to me so I can tell you the real solution for you!​​​​​​!!!


Just imagine what we will create together..



Just imagine …you finally giving yourself a chance!


Nancy….your Coach to be!