Did you know …Sugar Causes Hormone imbalances ?

Most people who think of consuming sugar, will immediately think of the effect it has on weight gain . However, have you stopped to think about the effect It has on your hormonal health?

Sugar causes digestive issues, PMS symptoms , cramps, brain fog, headaches and more .

Ironically when I start working with clients, one of the first things we do is, work on “cleansing sugar, “ out of the body. Of course, many will report having “ headaches” which is very normal and I compare it to the effect of one experiencing “drug or alcohol” withdrawal” .
Our body uses refined sugar and simple carbohydrates for bursts of energy which spike our blood sugar since there are no nutrients or fiber bound to them to slow digestion. Insulin, a hormone that regulates our blood sugar goes into complete overdrive, and spikes and affects the blood stream. This is where many will feel that “ sugar crash”…and then it repeats itself with each meal that includes the same.

When blood sugar is spiked it floods the bloodstream and over time your blood sugar can stop responding to insulin causing sugars to not be removed.
This of course leads to the
➡️ brain fog,
➡️constant hunger
And much more of what many people feel.

Case in point; The next time you are experiencing any of the above, take the time to think of what your food intake is and see how it may be affecting your hormones directly related to your energy and mood.