Hey ladies do you…?🤔 Watch Fat Levels over 40 & 50…even if they are healthy ones…

So, you were told that eating healthy fats was key to your healthy goals. Certainly, they are! Consuming foods such as avocado, almonds, chia seeds, wild salmon are healthy BUT How much of these heathy foods are you consuming in a day? More than half the women I coach privately in my 1 on 1 Fighter Fat Loss Method are over 40 and 50 years old. The first thing I do is a daily food audit, having them list every item they drink and eat in a day.

Surprisingly, but not surprisingly, they are shocked at how their daily fat consumption has been the culprit to not being able to shed belly fat and those extra pounds…even while eating those healthy fats. This becomes a BIG eye opener for my clients.👀

The point:💡💡 Eating “healthy food” is different than “eating for weight loss”. With my 1-on-1 clients I teach women how to eat for their age and for weight loss ” by strategically placing the right fats, proteins and fats throughout the day so the right amount and type are consumed at the right time with the help of The Health Sciences Academy nutrition navigator (the Google of nutrition). 💯

My clients will often hear me say certain meals cannot be moved or changed. That is because I have considered how this food will be consumed, digested and metabolized in your body. For example:

What you break your fast with matters And What you eat you before bed matters

So the next time you go to grab a handful of nuts, seeds or a plate of avocado, perhaps take the time to really measure how much you eating and when you are consuming them.🥜🥑

What healthy fats/essential fatty acids do you eat?