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See the thing is, Free calorie apps are okay to give you a general idea of what you should be eating during the day.

BUT – they are temporary. They don’t address hormonal changes, they don’t address bloating, they don’t tell you what specific foods you need to support your thyroid, estrogen and boost metabolism. They don’t tell you and eventually you hit a plateau and fall off the wagon. Long term they are not realistic.


When you hire a coach and what I do with my clients is it really becomes a “relationship” as I invest in my time into ensure success (providing you do what you are suppose to do lol!) I want to know everything about my clients so that we are on track. So if you are having a bad day, emotionally stressed, are bloated, have an extreme period …” I am a simple text away” to make sure we can address issues right away and switch things up on the fly …you always have a coach in your back pocket to work for you …

And that is why, I created my Fighter Fat Loss Method for women over 40 : a program to work with me for 3 months -intensively – online, through text, zoom while we build your plan give you answers you have been searching for while I am looking over your shoulder. LOL!

But I am only selecting 20 women to prepare the body for those changes, combat hormonal imbalances and fat loss so you can get your life back

Apply here before Friday at midnight EST with a special Black Friday incentive