Look at this Boss Lady after losing 25 pounds and 15 inches!

Housewives of…Where ever! Who are YOU  crushing on …everyone else?

This was exactly Luana and now look at her!

She finally decided to pull out all the stops to making it happen.

She saw amazing results in Phase 1 of my New You Transformation program she decided to try my Phase 2 Transformation: BOSS LADIES TRANSFORMATION: For Serious GO GETTERS!

She struggled, she questioned if she could but with my personal 1 on 1 coaching, she made the biggest transformation in her life!

  I owe it to you Nancy, for understanding my struggles, my life and coaching me to be a better woman, physically, mentally and emotionally” 

You have made me so confident I feel like I can accomplish anything!!!  I am 54 years old and better then I ever was in my 30’s and even 40’s. 

And my journey is not over yet..I a ready for my final shoot!



No excuses! Let’s talk now!​​​​​​​

Housewives and my 9-5’ers…I am going to show you for real!!

Tell your inner voice to stop lying to you!

Stop the inner chatter.

You promised yourself this time you were committed to making yourself and your weight loss goals a priority.

You tried and tried. It never worked, you gave up and accepted you were not cut out to lose weight.

Is that nagging inner voice still talking to you….?

Is it echoing, you will never lose that bulge around your back, stomach and thighs?

Telling you it will never work for you?


I know it is

Are you tired of your own pity party? Tired of letting yourself down? I was…

Your J-O-B is so demanding, you can’t find time for yourself?

Are you feeling like you are over 40, over 50 and feeling it’s too late cuz your too old?

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