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“I used to be ” Syndrome…what you really need

"I used to be" syndrome. I am the coach that someone comes to when they are bridging 40 plus, when they have tried everything, and accept that maybe they are getting too old and will continue to live like this. I call it living in the “I used to be “ syndrome. I understand because [...]

Are Your Snacks Sabotaging your Weight Loss Goals?

Are Your Snacks Sabotaging your Weight Loss Goals ? I hear it all the time. Client: “ Nancy” “I eat healthy foods, but I still can’t manage to lose weight” Nancy: Please break down what a daily food intake looks like”. Client: I eat 3-4 smaller meals a day and a few snacks like nuts, [...]

“FIT” into the BODY that Belongs to YOU! Join my Tribe!

“FIT” INTO THE BODY THAT BELONGS TO YOU ! I still remember like it was yesterday. I spent most of my teenage years trying to change my body to “fit into a body” that belonged to someone else. Growing up, beautiful women were mainly described as tall with long legs and an an elongated frame [...]

R u addicted to…?

Hey ya'll! So I was wondering...Are you addicted to your morning coffee & caffeine? How do you start your day? Does your day not start without your morning Tim Horton’s or Starbucks Coffee? And if you don’t have coffee...you are beyond repair, not  able to function  and are completely on edge? SH*T is real isn't it? [...]

Let me help you with your Kitchen Makeover!

KITCHEN POLICE ARE HERE   Salt: Use “No Salt: This is a common item found in most grocery stores. Saved my life. Tastes like salt but doesn’t have the common effects of salt that typically cause high blood pressure or cholesterol. And you only need a bit. So go ahead, get rid of the salt [...]

Let me show you how to fight the European “Festa Feasts” !

With  these simple tips I can help you to manage these events/holidays which are some of the same strategies that I use in my nutrition plans that fight European genetics, blasting fat and cellulite away. Key Benefit:  My plans focus on a Volumetrics diet, an eating plan that centers on foods that fill you up. This [...]

My secrets to getting rid of a belly bloat.

Here it goes...maybe you won't have to wear stretch waiste band pants like I me! LOL What are some common causes of bloating? Bloating, yes, can make you feel like the most unattractive person. Your stomach is full of gas, and frankly, you find it really hard to have a peaceful bathroom break. Not to [...]

Ready for my FREE – HIIT Workout – 30 minutes is all you need!

I work out no more than 30 minutes a day using High Intensity Interval Training/Tabata work outs that changed my life. Who wants to spend hours in the gym training, when you are bound for time with work, children, appointments, drops offs, family etc.? Not to mention the worst was training for hours and not [...]

Featured in Italy’s Cultura Fisica Magazine- Wow!

No matter how many years I have been in this Fitness Industry, no matter how many magazines I am in , I am always so grateful and humbled by each one. It is one thing, to inspire those in North America, but I am completely floored when I am able to inspire those across the [...]

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