My Miracle Supplement I Can’t Live Without and 5 Reasons Why

My Miracle Supplement I Can’t Live Without and 5 Reasons Why I can’t count how many times my clients ask me why they need to take Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). The misconception that its only for men who want big muscles. LOL! I have been using BCAAs for years during/post workout and I would [...]

Healthy Essential Fat levels over 40….

Hey ladies do you…?🤔 Watch Fat Levels over 40 & 50…even if they are healthy ones… So, you were told that eating healthy fats was key to your healthy goals. Certainly, they are! Consuming foods such as avocado, almonds, chia seeds, wild salmon are healthy BUT How much of these heathy foods are you consuming [...]

5 Miracle Benefits of “Green Juice”

5 Miracle Benefits of “Green Juice” for Daily Health and Weight Loss. I remember when someone suggested I try ‘green juice” to help with my daily health and weight loss and I was like “ What???” The thought of blended veggies was something I was really not looking forward to. After all I told myself [...]

STOP resisting what is happening to our body. Let’s embrace it!

STOP resisting what is happening to you and your body…let’s embrace it ! Time to my 30-Day Boss Babe Challenge with October around the corner. 🏋️‍♀‍ Are you tired of fighting weight loss because of your slowing metabolism and age? It may look like weight loss comes easy for me but let me tell you, [...]

Why Skipping Breakfast may be good for weight loss goals

This concept in particular is a version of Intermittent Fasting (IF) where you restrict eating earlier in the day. By putting your body in a state of fasting your body is able to use fat stored in your cells as fuel, so you are BURNING FAT instead of storing it, which leads to weight loss. [...]

How do Lose 1 Pound a Week!

One of the things I have been thinking about is “realistic expectations.” What are realistic expectations when it comes to weight loss, or more importantly fat loss? In reality, you can safely lose about 1-2 lbs of fat per week!!!! I emphasize this as TV shows make it seem normal for you to lose 10 lbs [...]

Don’t be so hard on yourself…

I won't say "Happy New Year".... Why?  Because that phrase alone brings anxiety to so many people about expectations they can't often meet. Yep…so Christmas has come and gone and we are all tormented with guilt from the “naughty indulgences” over the holiday week. There were too many treats, too many beverages, and too many [...]

Learn my Salsa-Fit Routine as featured in Optimyz Magazine!

So excited for my SALSA-FIT workout featured in OPTIMYZ Magazine. Now you can "Shimmy and Shake to lose the weight"! Move over Dancing with the Stars! Try out my "SALSA-FIT  video " workout routine Join me as I show you how  to  lose weight with my Salsa-Fit Method! Coming Soon! Register your email to receive your early bird [...]

CLIENT RESULTS!- She did it!! 25 pounds and 15 inches !

Look at this Boss Lady after losing 25 pounds and 15 inches! Housewives of...Where ever! Who are YOU  crushing on ...everyone else? This was exactly Luana and now look at her! She finally decided to pull out all the stops to making it happen. She saw amazing results in Phase 1 of my New You Transformation program she [...]

The Holiday Monster is Coming

Ok, I have been hearing from so many of you that are already feeling anxious with the onset of holidays. I call it the "Holiday Monster".  Yep, Halloween, Thanksgiving , Pre Christmas Prep, Christmas and New Years... ...yee-iikes!! Believe me when I say I still sometimes get those pre- holiday jitters thinking I will be surrounded by [...]

ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN: 40% OFF my 8 Week Transformation Program!

Because I couldn't take all of you last time (and felt so terrible saying no!) I am opening enrolment again to my Signature NEW YOU 8 -week Transformation Program. I make a point of making each of you my personal mission! Join me and yes you have me at your finger tips. READY for weekly video/phone [...]

Is it your first time making Green Juice? Video Watch (FB Live Replay)

Is it your first time juicing?  Watch my FB Video Replay as I show you how and answer all your questions from: How do I get rid of the extra fibre and skin from the veggies? Is it normal to urinate al the time? LOL ! How “Juicing”  Slims & Resets your Metabolism! [...]