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3 Reasons Why You’re not Losing Weight

I GET IT! Let me get straight to the point.   3 reasons why  you may not be losing weight? 1) Your age and slowing metabolism 2) Your body adaptation to your current workout 3) Your missing "HIIT"/ plyometrics movements I don't know about you, but when I turned 40 it felt like everything just slowed [...]

Post Long Post Weekend Pep TalK ? Why your motivation is not enough…

Okay, "Coach D" - Video real talk here ! Okay I know, you went over board this past long weekend with cook-outs, deserts and drinks. Uhhhh ! Againnnn!! Let me give you a straight up "pep talk" to get you back on track! Your motivation is not failing you. It is your dedication and commitment. [...]

Who says you can’t have chocolate and lose weight? Try my Chocolate Peanut Putter Protein Cups

I know you "get me" when I say....."who the hell wants to eat only chicken and salad every meal?"  Not me!...UHHHH! That is enough to de-motivate you right? I was sick of eating the same SH&T! I am no different than YOU! I am the first to tell you that I love food, especially chocolate deserts. [...]

Using this technique will help you reduce stubborn fat. Try it with me!

As your 'Virtual Coach' let me show you how this technique helps reduce stubborn fat!​​ Try this at home. Fit Tip- Booty Glute Bridge with me from Home- Use this technique I know you may be feeling discouraged because you've tried similar exercises in the past and you didn't see results... Trust me! [...]

Why your Motivation is failing you! Ur Motivation vs Dedication

Okay Nancy, "Coach D"  Video real talk here ! Let me set the record straight. Your motivation is not failing you. It is your dedication and commitment. It is the action of following through with "your dedication & commitment" to reach your goals that is failing you. Listen in  and I will explain... ​​​​​​​ Soooo.... So listen, [...]

The Real Deal on Stubborn Fat & Cellulite

Ok the real deal for those of you saying you want a butt like "JLO and The Kardashian sisters... ....apparently they use "this product and that product..." Do not be sold on "quick gimmicks" especially when you see celebrities in the magazines. Well, here is a wake up call. What you see in the magazines is largely manipulated. Look at [...]

Try these Ab&Shoulder Exercises with me right from home!

Coach Di Nino here! How are your fitness goals going? Let me guess? You are looking for something new to spice up your workout routine? Oh...and you are still waiting for those abs to show ...through the skin folds... I know ..I hear it all the time;... "Nancy...How do I get cut abs..I do like 100 [...]

Proof my SH*T works! 3 Days Left to Enroll

Ok..let me be straight up... Time to flex those motivational mind muscles...  and now there is no option but for you to do this.  Tell me what your excuses are, so I can tell you the solutions and shut that BS down.   Helen told me that as a career woman working as a full time [...]

You have excuses. I have solutions

Listen...let's talk about your story. I want to hear it. Have you thought to yourself what am I doing wrong?  Why is there never hope for me?  I know that use to me ...and I would cry myself to sleep at night. ​​​​​​​You are not alone. I spent so much money buying every [...]

Your Objections are your Excuses- Tell me about them.

I am SERIOUS! I am ready to hear your story and what's really holding you back. Tell your inner voice to stop lying to you! Stop the inner chatter. You tried and tried. It never worked, you gave up and accepted you were not cut out to lose weight. Is that nagging inner voice still [...]

The TRUTH why you are failing, but I can help you.

  Yo...    Trust me when I say, I will restart your life.  I don’t consider myself “just a coach.”  I am a mentor.  I am a friend; I am a source of belief in YOU.  I am giving you hope, I am giving you spiritual enlightenment AND I will give you your [...]