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Surviving Summer Social Gatherings …staying on track

Tis the season of barbecues, weddings, patios, and outdoor events and your first reaction is to RUN….right? LOL 😱 🏃‍♀️ Speaking with my clients the last few weeks, I can’t count how many have asked me “how do I eat clean and stick to a plan” during summer, barbecues, patios, and everything else reopening. Admittingly, [...]

Does your Face need a Workout?

Hey Gals 35 years plus…. Does your FACE need a workout? – Here’s why it does. “Look at this wrinkle” “Look at how lose my skin is” “ Look at the dark circles under my eyes” Who can relate to this? Our faces are our “calling cards” and the first we see aging. Yes… I [...]

3 Lessons I learned at 40 something…and wish I knew in my 20s

3 Life lessons I’ve learned at 40-something I wish I’d known at 20-something… Isn’t’ funny how we look back at different times in our lives and think “ WHAT was I thinking?” What was important then isn’t now as priorities change I do that all the time! All I know is that those moments taught [...]

A bad case of the “if’s”- getting over the hump…

Getting over the hump…. Do you have it bad? I mean, a bad case of the “ifs”. I hear you… I hear many of you. I remember that feeling, especially finding out I had an under-active thyroid causing me gain weight. And when those challenges happen our minds tend to fall on that crutch and [...]

Really Ask Yourself: What brings you Peace & Happiness?

Really ASK Yourself: What brings you peace and happiness? Who and what is really important to you . Cut the noise out. Finding Yourself Begins with Finding a Peace of Mind Remind yourself daily: You were born exactly as you needed to be. You possess unique gifts that no one else in this world has [...]

Did you know Vitamin D is actually a Hormone, not a Vitamin?

Did you know….Vitamin D is actually a hormone not a Vitamin? If you are women in your 30s, 40 or even 50+ and have not being taking Vitamin D you should strongly consider it. Vitamin D is almost “crucial “ as it plays a central role in many body processes and is on the “A-list” [...]

Why am I Constantly Bloated and Gassy?

Why am I constantly Bloated and Gassy? 🥴 Trust me, I know it’s not the most comfortable thing you want people to know and when you have an “episode” you do not want to be around anyone! BUT for someone like me who has battled Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS-C) for over 20 years, nothing is [...]

You are the Answer

I know sometimes you may be frustrated. I know how you may look at your journey and struggles and think you are not worth it..or you will never reach your goals...because everything else comes first in your a housewife, working in general... I remember feeling that way at one time in my life. [...]