This is me when ‘I chose’ to stop eating healthy and exercise. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because I graced several publications that it was all just so easy. Nope! My struggle is ongoing because weight loss has never been easy for me living with my slow metabolism and genetics. I have to work hard to be where I am.

My point; It was here that I had to decide (and same with many of you) about seriously investing in yourself and your health:
Ask yourself:
Do I want to stay like this and choose this alternative?
Do I want to feel like this?
Will I continue to be a victim to my own choices?
Will I finally find someone to hold me accountable ?

When I just couldn’t tolerate my own disgust any more, I decided I had to get back on track and keep going. I even hired a coach to keep me accountable

As a coach I have experienced many of your struggles and that is why I decided to create an exclusive project, focusing on women 40+ (it does start earlier for many) with my FIGHTER fat loss method.

➡️ It is for women who have tried so many alternatives but still have no results
➡️ It is for women who may have other underlying issues (e.g., hypothyroidism, genetic, changing hormones) and DON’T even know it.

➡️ It is for women who want to someone to show then the solution to their problem

This is NOT FOR everyone as this project is for those who are seriously wanting to make a change and requires a full commitment by both of us to make a LIFE CHANGE .

My project is about peeling back your individual layers and recalibrating so you can set foot into a direction, so you get REAL RESULTS.

DM me “FIGHTER” for details or APPLY to work with me:

Offer ends March 19, 2021 at 11:59pm EST and its only open for women.